Municipality Department Signs Cooperation Agreement with “du” to Build One of the Largest FTTH Networks in Ajman

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department signed a cooperation agreement with the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) to build one of the largest FTTH networks in Ajman.

In the presence of a number of officials from both sides, the agreement was signed by Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, and Mr. Ahmed Ali Bu Rahaima, Vice President of Government Relations in du.

HE Al Nuaimi stressed that the department seeks to enhance cooperation with all stakeholders in the interest of every citizen and resident of the Emirate. He added that the agreement would bring positive results to all members of the community by providing a strong communication infrastructure and support for fiber optic communication service known for its high speed and safe use, with their only aim being to unite their efforts to ensure happiness and well-being of everyone.

For his part, Bu Rahima said that the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman is sparing no effort to adopt all constructive initiatives that can contribute to the success of leading projects, as well as to encourage - as always - closer relations and promote the work of other entities by providing them with all the required facilities.

Bu Rahima stressed that EITC has been and continues to be at the forefront of supporting the digital and technological transformation in the UAE with the aim to enhance the country's digital infrastructure and ultimately benefiting the people and the business community. "This partnership enables us to work together with the Department to deploy an advanced fiber optic home network in the Emirate of Ajman in

order to enable residents to enjoy fast, high quality and efficient communication experiences and services”, he added.

Under the agreement, “du” will be granted access to the designated communications corridors by the grantor in the Emirate of Ajman along with the right to operate and run them in accordance with the Ajman applicable requirements in order to be able to deploy the network infrastructure and maintain communication corridors.

As per the agreement text, the company is listed as a party approved under the grantor no-objection certificate system for the approval of building and service deployment permits in relation to indoor mobile and fixed communication rooms as per the guidelines for the extension of internal communications network in the Authority  buildings.

Moreover, “du” is committed under the agreement to establishing a permanent office in the Emirate of Ajman with an engineering and administrative staff to perform all the transactions and services provided in Ajman.

The two sides agreed to hold joint meetings in case of need to discuss all relevant issues in order to identify the developments that may arise as a result of the implementation of this agreement.


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