Municipality Department Celebrates “Innovation Week” by the Presentation of Various Projects & Technical Programs ​

The Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman celebrated the “Innovation Week” that was launched today in the UAE under the slogan “The UAE Innovates 2021”, with the participation of the federal and local governmental authorities, the private sector and academic institutions, as the Department’s Ajman X Center will launch a collection of virtual dialog sessions, initiatives and projects.


In this regard, H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Director-General, emphasized that the Municipality Department cares for the annual participation in this national event, which aims to shed light on the pioneering initiatives and enlightening projects, and the ideas that are transformable into a sensible reality, while he stated that all authorities, departments and organizations are aiming to achieve the vision of our pioneering country, which is aiming to become among the best countries of the world by the golden jubilee and the preparation for the next 50 years.

Al Nuaimi stated that the Department is aiming to instill the concept of innovation into the various fields of work, and to create an environment that motivates innovation and creativity, and to product the creative ideas that contribute to the acceleration of development and the growth of the society and the provision of facilitated services for all categories, stating that the qualified work staffs have worked on setting forth an integrated plan for the coverage of the innovation week, by which it aims to launch and implement innovative and qualitative initiatives and ideas, and to strengthen mutual and interlinked relations between the public sector and the private sector and individuals for the adoption of ideas’ practices.


From her side, Sheikha Noora Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Director of Ajman X Center, stated that in spite of the circumstances witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly cared for the creation of an outstanding fingerprint in a huge annual event at which thinking brains, and determinant people of solid will, gather together, while she stated that the Center will continue the presentation of projects and holding dialogue sessions until the 27th of the current month for the dissemination of the culture of innovation and to motivate everybody so that innovation would become a style of life and work for the creation of a knowledge-based society that is led by innovators towards the future.


Al Nuaimi said that the qualified and ambitious resources have developed experiments, found solutions, and searched for challenges for their conversion into future initiatives and projects, while she stated that taking part in the innovation week was met with a big support of H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Chairman, who is sparing no notable effort for the adoption of significant events and the encouragement of positive participation.


The first day of the innovation week witnessed holding a dialogue session titled “Innovated Digital Applications” and a session titled “Towards a Developed Digital Society”. Both sessions were met with big interaction by the participants and those who cared to know more about the various topics and become aware of modern technologies and how to use them in a simplified manner for an ideal life.


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