Municipality and Planning Department Receives Chinese Delegation to Strengthen Ties of Cooperation

24 April 2019


The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman has received a Chinese delegation, headed by Weihai Deputy Mayor Gao Shuliang, in an event aimed at strengthening the ties of cooperation between the two parties and setting frameworks for bilateral coordination at all aspects.


 Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, director of Agriculture and Public Parks, said that Ajman operates in line with the Government’s wise vision, which aims to strengthen the Emirati ties with all international parties. He added that Ajman is a city of tolerance that values the ties of brotherhood; led by a wise leadership that is keen on building the bridges of cooperation with everyone. He then shed light on the deep Emirati-Chinese ties at all levels.


Al Muhairi pointed out that the Municipality and Planning Department, headed by HH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, has always been keen on holding meetings with other city municipalities to exchange expertise, discuss key achievements, and shed light on projects that drive the development and prosperity of the UAE. Meanwhile, he stressed the significance of China’s Weihai, saying that it has a track record of achievements in all sectors and at all aspects.


Pleasured to meet with the Chinese delegation, Al Muhairi briefed it on the Department’s key achievements, especially in the field of agriculture, as Ajman has become a green city attracting visitors wanting to enjoy its green landscape and live in an atmosphere of such clean air.


For his part, Weihai Deputy Mayor Gao Shuliang said that his city values the efforts exerted by the Municipality and Planning Department, which made Ajman an attractive city for everyone. He also said that Ajman has become a role model for other cities in terms of overcoming the issue of desertification and other challenges. Deputy Mayor Shuliang then invited the Municipality and Planning Department representatives to visit Weihai to learn more about its key achievements and ongoing successes.


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