Municipality and Planning Department launches the electronic link project with digital identity



29 July 2019


Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, launched the electronic link with the digital identity in presence of Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director of TRA’s Policy and Programs Department and a a number of officials of both parties.


The launch was during a ceremony held by the Department to celebrate the project, which provides an integrated channel to identify and verify the identity of citizens and residents and to complete the procedure in the services provided in a legal manner to be one of the main pillars of the digital transformation at the federal and local levels due to its contribution to the identification of the target individuals on the customer’s ID.


He stated that the Municipality and Planning Department is striving to realize the intended objectives to improve the overall development in our country, prioritizing the facilitation of procedures. He pointed out that the link will contribute to shortcut several procedures requiring the customer’s personal attendance, especially for the services legally requiring his/her signature and personal attendance in the happiness centers as the link developed a legal framework for the electronic identity system and the electronic signature in cooperation between Emirates ID Authority, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Justice to support the processes in which the "ID card" is used in modern technologies and a legislation regulating this process is issued.



He stated that the Department’s qualified staff launched the first phase of the integrated electronic registration system and work is currently in progress to complete the remaining phases to include the Department’s smart applications, indicating that the digital signature will contribute to the completion of several procedural electronic and smart services and this will lead to facilitating and shortening the customer’s journey.


Ambitious Project


Al Nuaimi said that this ambitious project aims to abandon the requirement of the customer’s personal attendance to the Department’s happiness centers by using the UAE digital identity card and the modern features involved in it, including the digital signature which is a secure method to certify and approve digital transactions and transform electronic transactions into a fully digitized process, as well as digitally certify all transactions in a duly legal manner.



He highly appreciated TRA’s efforts as a strategic partner of the Department contributing to the construction and provision of a digital identity infrastructure in accordance with the highest international standards in information security, indicating the enablers provided by TRA to the federal and local departments to enhance the activation and integration between the local and federal departments in the services and procedures provided to the customers through the integrated platform of the digital ID and facilitate access to all electronic documents and interdependences and the technical support provided literally and with high quality, which facilitated the electronic interdependence and completion of procedures in the form To correct.properly.


Engineer Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director of TRA’s Policy and Programs Department, praised the vision and support of the Department’s leadership in the field of digital transformation as well as the competencies of the Department’s human resources and the team that contributed to the success of the project, expressing that TRA is proud of the partnership with the Department which is positively reflected on the various areas and push progress and prosperity forward.


Engineer Al Zarooni added: "TRA always seeks to support and adopt all initiatives and projects aimed at expediting digital transformation to enhance UAE position on the United Nations' electronic/smart services index and realize UAE vision and future objectives. As well, we appreciate the key role played by Ajman digital government in the implementation of the digital transformation strategy in the Emirate of Ajman.


Honoring Deserving Individuals



HE Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi honored Mohammad Al Zarouni, Director of TRA’s Policy and Programs Department, and his accompanying delegation in recognition of TRA efforts as the strategic partner of the Department.  He also honored the Department’s project team and the implementation supervisor of the from the Smart Services Development Department.


 It is worthy to note that the Department is striving to realize the strategic objectives and support the government integration with the local and federal government entities in a smart digital environment aiming at enhancing UAE strategy in executing paperless transactions, as well as facilitating the customers’ journey, enabling them to complete their procedures in simple steps to save their time and effort and achieving the best results in accordance with the Global Competitiveness Criteria for Smart Cities.






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