M&P Dept Ajman hosts Professor Hyun Shin

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman hosts professor Hyun Shin to discuss ways to strengthen bonds of joint cooperation in urban planning and infrastructure areas in Ajman

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman hosted Professor Hyun Shin, a specialist in the area of transportation planning in cities and regions, and a lecturer at Morgan State University in Miri Land of America. Town planning and survey Department affiliated to Engineering Affairs sector has held a joint meeting to be acquainted with lucid experiences in specialized areas, to identify the best practices followed in urban planning area, and to attract bright models to be applied in reality. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Eng Ali Mal Allah al-shehhi, Director of planning and survey Department, has welcomed professor shin; praising the visits aimed to exchange knowledge and deepen the bonds of joint cooperation between the department and international bodies. These efforts reflect the Department's attempt to document the meaningful coordination roots issued under a direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Department and follow up of His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, as they are so keen to transfer the Department into a platform for illuminative meeting and a bright side for innovation and creativity in all areas of life.  

At the joint meeting, both parties have discussed several important topics, including how to activate cars without drivers in the Emirate streets, and enhancing the use of electric vehicles.  Al-Shehhi has presented the Department's experience in supporting eco-friendly cars, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles where the department has exempted the vehicles that rely on alternative clean energy usage from prepaid parking fees in order to encourage all innovations and technologies that reinforce the concept of environmental culture and aspire to preserve the environment from disastrous pollutants to achieve sustainable development in all areas of life.

Al- Shehhi has briefed the attendants on the future vision of Ajman regarding transportation, which is developed by the Department in line with the vision and directives of the wise senior leadership. He has clarified that the Department seeks to turn Ajman to one of the green cites of the world, where all elements of happiness and welfare are provided in order to be a touristic city attracting visitors and investors from all over the world to establish their developmental projects in the midst of an optimal environment where all elements of success are available.

From his part, Professor Shin has praised the important and vital role of the Department in all areas of life, especially urban planning, infrastructure improvement, and road network; pointing out that the visit goal is to exchange valuable knowledge and discuss ways of strengthening bonds of joint cooperation between the Department and local universities. Furthermore, he presented US experience regarding the use of university studies to be applied in reality as well as taking advantage of research centers to prevail great interest on everyone.

From his part, Director of Planning and survey Department has explained that the department eagerly seeks to improve the aspects of mutual cooperation between local universities to allow the students to propose, innovate and present their own creative projects. He pointed out that in the past period, the Department has honored students of engineering faculty at Ajman University of science and technology who have designed the engineering project of the monument of the martyrs in in the Algarve region in Ajman. Also, it will encourage and support them permanently. 

At the end of the meeting, the attendants have stressed on the necessity to implement recommendations and repeat these fruitful visits that expand knowledge, illuminate minds and are directed to continue the path of progress and prosperity.


RE: M&P Dept Ajman hosts Professor Hyun Shin

5/12/2018 4:50:41 PM


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