In memory of the Founder of the Nation, H.H. Sheikh Rashid Al Nuaimi inaugurates Mosaic made from 8 Million Pebbles

May 21, 2019

Sheikh Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Municipality and Planning, inaugurated a mosaic made from 8 million pebbles depicting Sheikh Zayed, the Father of the Nation. He stated that the late president has made a great influence on all citizens’ values and was able to take the country to the global forefront under his wise and visionary leadership.


H.H. added that the competencies at the department have worked continuously for 3 months to produce the mosaic, made entirely of pebbles, and pointed out the flowers and trees decorating the sides, which the team chose to represent our authentic heritage.



He wrote: “The threads of history weave an image of Zayed, a man who brought glory to our nation”, adding that our Father lived his entire life thinking of his people and how to make them happy, gave us and our children the dignified life we enjoy, and was our compass for change, chief of the people, and a thought leader whose views on the rise of nations were of high value.



Mr. Ahmad Saif Al Muhairi, Manager of the Department of Agriculture and Public Parks, explained the project, its work stages and objectives to H.H. thoroughly, and stated that the mosaic will be an aesthetic attraction in Ajman, as the department has designated an entrance for visitors to examine the mosaic closely.


Al Muhairi added that our late Father embodied the archetype of an exceptional leader who introduced the distinguishing Emirati qualities to the world. We must, therefore, commemorate him, pass the lessons he taught us to future generations, and carry out all projects that honor him, including, for example, this mosaic, which reminds every traveler of this leader’s unforgettable character.




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