In cooperation with KOTRA, the Department of Municipality & Planning in Ajman organizes Social Responsibility Initiative to Combat Covid-19

The Department of Municipality & Planning in Ajman organized CSR Initiative to combat Covid-19 called “protect yourself by washing and sanitizing your hands, in collaboration operation with KOTRA and KBIDI Korean companies. The initiative aims to distribute sanitizers among employees of Government of Ajman and workers and raise awareness about the importance to follow the precautionary measures against Covid-19.


In this respect, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani stressed that the compliance with precautionary and preventive measures is the best means to overcome Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the full recovery.


Al Hosani added that the Department organized this initiative at this time to sensitize community to the need for washing and sanitizing hands, being the best means of prevention against all diseases. He said that efforts are intensified to spread healthy and positive culture among community segments and members.


Al Hosani also said that the Department supports all constructive initiatives and strive to strengthen ties of collaboration and open horizons for exchanged coordination with all domestic and international entities to reach safety. He also confirmed that the Public Health Department examined all products and sanitizers that will be distributed in the Department’s labs to ensure their validity and safety for human use.  


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