In Conjunction with the Country’s Planting Week Celebrations,Ajman Municipality and Planning Department Inaugurates An Agricultural Arboretum in Al-Zawraa Primary School in Ajman

February 28th, 2019

Mr. Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Public Parks at the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman inaugurated an agricultural arboretum in the school yard of Al-Zawraa Primary School (second cycle) in Ajman. This was done as part of the department’s Planting Week celebrations. The arboretum includes wild plants and local trees that suit the climate of the region.


Al Muhairi stressed that the inauguration of the arboretum comes from the Department's keenness to increase the overall green area in the Emirate. It also aims to guide students and educate them about the importance of agriculture for a clean environment that is free of contaminants, stemming from the major role agriculture plays in air purification. 


He pointed out that lasting environmental responsibility results from educating students about the importance of preserving the aesthetic appearance of the city by planting different seedlings and not cutting trees and plants. Al Muhairi also planted the Ghaf tree in the school yard along with the school’s gardening team, stressing on the importance of loving the land and the cultivation of local plants and trees everywhere.


Additionally, the Department of Agriculture and Public Parks organized a workshop on agricultural education titled "Organic Agriculture and Organic Products" that was held at Ajman X Center in partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The workshop was held in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, a number of students and faculty members from Ajman Private School, environmental teams from some local institutions in the Emirate, and housewives from Ajman Society of Social and Cultural Development.               


The workshop discussed the benefits of organic agriculture in achieving food security by relying on local and natural inputs of production, reducing energy use and water depletion, and producing agriculture that is safe for the environment, humans, plants and animals.


 Al Muhairi pointed out that the workshop aims to spread environmental awareness, instill the importance of agricultural knowledge and maintain the increase of agricultural production that is free of disease-causing chemicals. During the workshop, some questions related to healthy agriculture were posed to the audience to encourage interaction. This resulted in an exchange of information about organic agriculture and healthy farming methods in the UAE. Some samples of local organic products were presented as well. At the end of the workshop, seedlings were distributed to participants. 






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