In Concurrency with World Urbanism Day, The Municipality Department Inaugurates Ajman Urban Strategic Plan 2040 ​

8 November 2020


H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Director-General of the Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman, inaugurated Ajman Urban Strategic Plan 2040, which aims to maintain ongoing development and the use of lands and population densities and to measure their impact on transport movement and their commitment to environmental protection.

The brochure is being issued in concurrency with the World Urbanism Day, falling on the 8th of November of every year.


His Excellency confirmed, when he received the brochure from the project’s work team, with the presence of Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector, and Eng. Ali Malalla Al Shehhi, that efforts are ongoingly being made to increase the standard of living for citizens and to provide them with all the requirements of a carefree life and based on such, the Department has decided to reconsider the urban planning system of Ajman to be consistent with international standards and to ensure the enhancement of its capabilities to meet needs, and to set forth a comprehensive vision for the Emirate of Ajman and the cities of Masfoot and Al Manama.


His Excellency stated that the qualified competent personnel and the work team have aimed to set forth a long-term vision and to identify future urban principles and opportunities, stating that the vision has relied on the present plans, Ajman’s Inclusive Urban Plan, and Masfoot and Al Manama Urban Plan 2030.


His Excellency continued by stating that the plan’s brochure contains work progress, which includes the evaluation and study of the present situation from all dimensions, and holding periodic meetings with stakeholders to discuss results for the crystallization of the vision and the preparation of the urban strategic plan, which includes major findings, the dimensions of cities, strategic trends, target key performance indicators, and proposed projects.

From his side, Eng. Ali Malalla Al Shehhi, the Director of the Department’s Planning & Survey Department, stated that work has focused on the evaluation of the present situation by the preparation of a high-level analysis of the present situation for every city as in relation to potential land uses, and the analysis of unused lands by satellite optical encoding, to include population density and population growth rate.


Al Shehhi continued by stating that the brochure presents parameters, styles, and future and potential scenarios, and specifies the city’s dimensions for 2040. Furthermore, the plan focuses on projects that are motivators for changing the current urban trend, as the plan included more than 40 projects.


It is ought to note that the plan sets out the dimensions of cities for 2040 in terms of population, housing, economy, transport, and the evaluation of social facilities, roads, and infrastructure services.



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