HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Honors Outstanding Talents in the UAE

August 8, 2019


HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Nuaimi, Chairman of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Digital Transformation of Ajman,honored 95 students who have successfully completed the Mawhibatna program, organized by the Sandooq Al Watan fund with the sponsorship of His Highness and in partnership with Ajman University College of Science and Technology. 



His Highness emphasized that investment in human resources is the best way to maintain the advancement and progress of the UAE which will rank the highest on excellence and advancement lists thanks to those resources’ hardworking efforts and minds.



He added that they made sure to select elite smart students, train them, and hone their skills in advanced technical and knowledge fields, and to follow through with this program until those talents graduated from the finest universities around the world. Through this, the fund seeks to invest in national human resources and enable them to keep pace with scientific developments in an effort to promote comprehensive development of the country itself. The program also brings outstanding students to platforms of scientists and innovators who contribute to drawing the bright future of the UAE.




His Highness also expressed his delight with students of whom we can be proud, as they are taking the lead in many fields such as water and energy, aviation, advanced problem solving, engineering, coding, biomedicine, architecture, and astronomy.




Talent Refinement and Orientation 

For his part, Mohammed Tajuddin Al-Qadi, managing director of Sandooq Al Watan said that the Mawhibatna initiative worked on helping participants acquire new skills and hone their talents, in addition to introducing them to teamwork and team spirit in completing different projects, positive thinking to face life difficulties, and ways to benefit from and optimize resources to best serve society.



He added that they are striving to discover and nurture talented Emiratis to unleash their highest potential and develop their abilities to excel in the new areas of the future. This is done through carefully and especially designed programs delivered by global leaders in those fields. It is one of Sandooq Al Watan programs and aims at discovering 2,000 Emirati talented children and nurturing 500 of them through specialized programs, noting that 200 talented students have been already nurtured so far. These can be divided into two categories: First age category is from 6 to 8 years. The program is executed in Abu Dhabi and Ajman.


For his part, Ahmed El Raisi, general supervisor of the program said that the program organizers made sure to train students using modern educational approaches and ways in collaboration with Ajman University College of Science and Technology which hosted the program’s events. The program was organized by a group of specialists at Hopkins by setting academic plans and programs to train and prepare students, hone their scientific skills, and enhance their mental potential with selected lessons in various sciences.



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