During his meeting with the Director General of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi stressed that all departments seek to see the country within the top leading countries in various fields

January 25th, 2019

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, affirmed that all institutions, departments and local and federal authorities seek to achieve the United Arab Emirates goals and improve them in all aspects of work and areas of life to be within the top leading countries at various levels.


This meeting was attended by HH and His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, to welcome a delegation from Ras Al Khaimah Municipality headed by HE Munzir Mohammed Bin Shakar, Director General of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, and accompanied by Mr. Mohammed Bo Hammam, director of Customer Happiness Center and Mr. Ahmed Al-Ahmad, Manger of Support Services Department at the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.


HH explained that the Department is keen to strengthen cooperation with its strategic partners and open the joint coordination with the federal departments to share the bright experiences that serve everyone. He pointed out that the Ajman Municipality & Planning Department has established over the years foundations to develop the Emirate, translating the government's vision seeking a happy society and enjoying a green economy under a government that is in harmony with the spirit of the Union.


HH pointed out that the Department believes that the pace of life is accelerating and that the world is advancing at every moment. The Department works in accordance with the state's vision and is taking real steps to turn visions into reality. Today, the Municipal Department is one of the first departments to achieve 100%  of digital transformation services, which improved it to be a smart government department goes to the customer at any place, at any time, work hard to complete transactions in a short time and help people to enjoy the services available to everyone.


HH spoke about the authentication system experience, which enabled owners of real estate and lessees to complete their transactions within one minute due to the system that is characterized by speed and accuracy. HH indicated that the system helped in reducing the proportion of customers coming to the center, easy accessing to everyone and making the customers part of the integrated process in addition to finding an integrated and detailed database about customers.


A Department for Happiness

For his side, HE Munzi Mohammed Bin Shukr, Director General of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, praised the efforts of the Municipality Department in various aspects of its hard work. He explained to HH that the experience of Customer Happiness Center in the department is an experience worthy of pride and success. The center was able to provide easy services to customers in a short time, which enabled it to earn a five stars recognition due to the working competencies efforts, which they continued the hard working to improve the center and make it a role model.


HE continued to HH that the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah has decided to organize this important visit to learn about the best practices in Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, which has succeeded in bringing about a qualitative leap in the  fields of construction, health and safety of individuals and accessing each individual in the emirate. Ajman has become a city where its people live a prosperous life and attracts visitors and tourists from outside to enjoy its idyllic atmosphere.


Non stop work

Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, and the Director General of RAK  Municipality were briefed on the work progress in the Department's buildings and facilities. Their excellencies had a tour in the Customer Happiness Center stopping by the smart services offered in the center.


The Director-general of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department said that the department is always striving to achieve the best. The work does not stop for a single moment. Efforts are being made to be the Emirate in the UAE's distinguished list.
He pointed out that we seek to achieve comprehensive sustainability through the adoption of leading projects that seek to develop infrastructure while maintaining the environment.


HE added that the Department is carrying out a number of projects, including the establishment of the Central Laboratory, which will be the first green building in the Emirate to be constructed in accordance with Green Building System standards. As well as solar energy projects to illuminate the streets of the emirate with renewable and clean energy. We focused on the urban plan of Masfoot and Manama to adopt environmental projects and promote sustainability initiatives in various fields.


HE explained that the sectors of the department are doing their best and are trying to get out of the ordinary and adopt the qualitative initiatives that drive the pace of progress and prosperity in the emirate.


The visiting delegation expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the leadership of the Department and to all the staff and employees of the Department which established the rules of success over 50 years. HE Munzir Mohammed Bin Shukr, Director General of RAK Municipality, said: "We are keen to exchange important visits, learn about the best experiences, complete what others have started, and move towards achieving the best for our country”.


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