During a Meeting With du, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Humaid Al Nuaimi Confirms that an Advanced Smart Infrastructure is a Joint Duty

29 January 2019

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, confirmed that establishing an advanced smart infrastructure that links every citizen and resident in the country was a joint duty that everyone should seek to fulfill for the benefit of society as a whole. He made this statement during a meeting with a delegation from the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) headed by Mr. Osman Sultan, du CEO.


During this meeting, His Highness highlighted the UAE’s achievement in becoming a leader in digital transformation and the use of AI, noting that the country has become a role model in providing electronic and smart services to all segments of society. He added that all departments, entities, establishments and companies are seeking to achieve the most and provide the best services for every person living inside the country. 


His Highness also stated that the Municipality and Planning Department will be working with du to bring customers from all backgrounds and nationalities the best services and the necessary facilities to establish an advanced infrastructure in Ajman. 


He further clarified that the Department was committed to establishing smart entities that could reach citizens and residents anywhere and allow them to benefit from the services they need without having to physically visit any institution. Joint efforts and common visions are the best means to achieve these goals, he added.



Du CEO, Osman Sultan, praised the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman for its efforts in and commitment to reinforcing the roles companies and establishments played in the Emirate, and for supporting these companies in maintaining optimal levels of efficiency and service quality for the benefit of every individual. 


The du CEO added that du experts and specialists were working on developing service offers and on providing services in multiple languages. He stressed that the company’s objectives were to satisfy customers, to be an example of excellence and competence, and to generate the best revenues for shareholders through innovation. This would help the company proudly contribute to the overall development of Emirati society. 







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