Development Projects and Initiatives, HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid emphasizes that the successful projects are the compass of upgrading the Emirate

23rd of January, 2019

HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, reviewed the strategy of the infrastructure development sector 2019-2021, which represents a series of projects and initiatives in which the sector seeks to accelerate for the progress and prosperity of the Emirate of Ajman, in order to promote the Emirate to be one of the most important cities to the world events and attract visitors and investors from all corners of the world to set up successful projects in an ideal environment with all the elements of success.


HH stressed on the idea that the infrastructure development sector seeks to adopt the best international practices and achieve the highest standards. The vision of the sector in the field of institutional excellence is to obtain 4 ISO certificates and win 8 awards. In addition to that, the sector management headed the top internal awards as desired targets during the three years. We appreciate the keenness of the professionals working in the sector to achieve the best and continue the path of competition.


HH said that the projects, which will be implemented by the sector within three years, are vital projects with impact on everyone in the Emirate. Al-Hay Aturathi project is a unique project with outstanding architectural and moral value as it represents the historical heart of the Emirate of Ajman in the surroundings of Ajman Museum. HH continued that the Department is moving towards the use of recycled resources to preserve the environment and achieve sustainability. Sheikh Zayed Oasis project was adopted in its design and implementation to achieve the desired goal.


HH also discussed the project of the Ajman route X, which sought to connect the buildings of the Department and the Ajman Center X, valuing the efforts of human resources, which considered the use of recycled materials in the project.


HH said that the Ajman 90 degrees project, which aims at portraying the emirate areas at a 90 degree angle, as well as adjusting, editing and publishing images on social media sites, will be an innovative marketing step for the Emirate, which has become a tourist event city attracting residents and visitors from all corners of the world.


He added that the Ajman Pulse project aims to improve the efficiency of the surrounding environment by reusing the existing resources to achieve sustainable development and enhance the standards and quality of life to provide a new vision and aesthetic image of the Emirate of Ajman. HH noted that the project preserved the vitality of the region at night by re-using 54 lighting columns as well as the use of illumination of lighting for decorating 1150 meters, and paid great attention to the wealth and environmental resources.


HH listened to a detailed explanation by Dr. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector of sectors departments and their initiatives strategy in the coming years, said that the Planning and Survey Department will update Ajman Urban Plan 2030, which is based on linking the vision, objectives and indicators with the renovation of the World Cities, certified global certification systems, 12 digital services and the use of artificial intelligence in planning and surveying services.



Dr. Eng Bin Omair explained that the Department of Roads and Infrastructure will develop the Sheikh Ammar Street, the Southern Entrance, the development of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Road and paving of the roads of Al-Helio area in its second stage, as well as street lighting, bridges, road maintenance and infrastructure. He continued that the Building Department with conduct the maintenance of the laboratory, central laboratory building and Manama Maslakh building.


Dr. Eng Bin Omair said that the SDI will work on the delivery of unified SDI project, which seeks to develop and implement SDI document through the development of international standards, which includes a set of specifications for data creation and the mechanism of updating and sharing it as a portal, in order to manage the data distribution process, by providing an accessible and searchable electronic center in multiple sets of data according to predefined powers which will contribute to the development of smart NOCs.


Regarding the SDI initiatives, Ben Omair talked about the spatial studies initiative, which is the most important output for spatial data, projects, geographic and analytical studies, that can be converted to future services. He talked about the Ajman 3D Model of the city components. Project's outputs will be added to the 3D Ajman application model. The data to be presented when selecting one of the components in addition to the creativity and innovation initiative in coordination with the authorities to prepare studies in using artificial intelligence on the geographical scale, develop the application of labeling and the geographical names of the public in addition to activating the operational plans for the construction project modeling.


HH also called upon the sector's departments to employ artificial intelligence techniques and harness the latest advanced programs that contribute to the improvement of the work. HH noted that the department trusts its human resources and believes that they are capable of bringing about the desired change.







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