Department of Municipality celebrates the World Wetlands Day by planting 500 Mangroves in Al Zorah Natural Reserve


The Department of Municipality & Planning in Ajman celebrated the World Wetlands Day, which is observed on 2 February of each year, by planting 500 mangroves in Al Zorah Natural Reserve in the Emirate and holding different events under the theme “Wetlands and Water - Inseparable and Vital to Life”, in order to raise awareness on the high importance of the wetlands for our human life and their vital functions for the earth.


In this respect, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health Sector at the Department stressed that environment is the most precious natural riches and its preservation is a joint duty and responsibility. For this reason, the Department is striving to spread positive culture and guide all community categories and segments on how to preserve environment and its precious riches.


Al Housani added that the Department celebrates the World Wetlands Day which marks the ratification of Ramsar Convention in 1971 every year, stressing that the qualified personnel at the Department strive and intensify efforts to highlight environment-related issues, and seize every opportunity to hold meaningful events. “Today, we are planting more mangroves that have several environmental characteristics” he said.



Al Hosani said that we strive to enhance the preservation value of biological diversification, increase awareness on the importance of wetlands. “The Department considered to organize the planting event in Al Zorah Reserve, one of the most beautiful natural advantages of Emirate of Ajman, which consists in subtropical creek subject to tides and situated in the north of the City. The Reserve is also an attractive green area amidst sands that characterize Arabian Peninsula and contains environmental riches, including rare trees and more than 60 species of birds, while the Creek harbors fish and other marine species” he added.


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