Department of Municipalities and Planning Holds First Public Health Pest Control Forum

Department of Municipalities and Planning Holds First Public Health Pest Control Forum

25 September 2019

The Department of Municipalities and Planning in Ajman held the first Ajman Forum for Pest Control. The event was held in the presence of HE Department Director General Abdulrahman Muhammed Al Nuaimi, as well as a number of general directors and high-level officials from government entities and federal ministries. The event was also held in the presence of representatives from companies and institutions that are concerned with health affairs in the UAE.


During the event, HE Al Nuaimi stressed that the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department has always prioritized the health and safety of citizens, and exerted every possible effort to launch quality initiatives that would promote and transform the Emirate into a healthy city, where residents and visitors enjoy a safe and healthy life and environment.

A “Come-Together” Forum

HE Al Nuaimi said that his Department held this forum to put together experts to discuss and generate means to solve issues related to public health pest control. He added that the event was also aimed at educating the society on the types of pests and means to control them, noting that the Department is keen on utilizing modern technologies that would help improve the society’s health.


In addition, he said that he was hopeful that the forum succeeds in putting together all public health pest control partners and entities, adding that he sees the event as a platform for all concerned parties to exchange knowledge, learn about the developments in this field, and build fruitful ties.



Health and Safety

For his part, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the Department of Municipality and Planning, has honored the success partners operating in the sector, stressing that the Department would not have succeeded in realizing its objectives without the efforts exerted by all parties who share its goals as well.

He added that the Public Health Department has always paid close attention to pest control measures. He noted that the Public Health Pests Control Section has cooperated with pest control companies against specific terms and conditions that are in line with federal laws and other regulations. He pointed out that such cooperation is aimed at ensuring public safety, maintaining the rights of beneficiaries, and evaluating the approved engineers to validate their knowledge and experience in terms of the provision of safe and effective services.


Moreover, Al Hosani said that the Department of Municipality and Planning monitors all commercial activity locations to ensure that entities operating there are in business partnerships with Department-approved pest control companies. He also said that the department monitors such locations to make sure that those entities are pest-free and abide by public health standards. He pointed out that there are local directives that are currently being drafted to oblige real estate facilities and hotels to have business partnerships with pest control companies in order to maintain health standards, adding that construction companies and consultants will also be included in such directives, and that they will be obliged to cooperate with pest control companies to fight termite before they enter the construction phase.

Relentless Efforts

Eng. Abdullah Al Tamimi, Director of Public Health, shed light on the efforts exerted to protect the health and safety of individuals, stressing that following the highest public health standards in Ajman is one of the key priorities of the department. He also said that the Public Health Pests Control Section is receiving all sorts of support and tools, such as pesticides and pest control materials. Meanwhile, he explained that the section follows health and environmental criteria that stipulate using pesticides that are less poisonous to humans and the environment.


Al Tamimi pointed out that the department has always sought to deliver pest control services at all public, government, and residential areas, explaining that the section covers certain geographic areas directly, while others are covered by specialized contractors.


During the event, Eng. Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Pest-Control Project Director at Tadweer, talked about utilizing technology in pest control practices. In addition, Abdel Elah Al Hasan, Professor at the Health Sciences Faculty at Abu Dhabi University provided detailed explanation on the new trends in the field of public health pest control.


Furthermore, attendees such Eng. Fahmi Baidas from the National Center for Malaria talked about pest types and means to fight them, while Tadweer’s Eng. Mohammed Ibrahim talked about means to fight termite.


The forum concluded into a number of recommendations to be analyzed by decisionmakers to have them reflected into impactful projects.




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