Ajman Municipality: The First among all Other Local Departments in Terms of Joint Government Integration with Digital Identity, Ajman Achieves Smart Applications’ Linkage to Digital Identity


August 27, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


The Ajman Municipality and Planning Department was ranked first in terms of all smart applications’ e-linkage to their digital identity, thus leading the joint government integration way to provide the best, electronic and smart services.


In this respect, His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, stressed that the Department has made a new, record achievement, pointing out that highly-skilled talent have successfully completed the second phase of the Project, thus constituting one of the main digital transformation pillars at the federal and local level, through the provision of access to smart services through the use of the UAE citizens and residents’ digital identity, as well as MPDA and MAWQIFI applications.


Al Nuaimi also praised the pivotal role of the Smart Services Department played in this respect, through the management and implementation of electronic linkages with federal and local government entities internally, carried out by an elite team of experts, seeking to keep abreast of recent, technology developments and ensure the implementation of the Department’s strategic, digital transformation objectives and thus, improve the customers’ experience.


In this framework, Al Nuaimi added that the Project aims at providing a unified channel to identify, verify and prove the identity of citizens and residents, as well as offering all required services legally, and simplifying and reducing registration procedures. This could, therefore, be carried out through the improvement of the customers’ experience in using the Department’s various applications. Furthermore, Al Nuaimi explained that such a linkage would contribute to activating the Department's effective partnership role with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) by building unified communication channels for customers in a safe and innovative manner.



Al Nuaimi also stated that the such a linkage features a high level of transactions privacy and security, thus contributing to ensuring the simplification of several procedures duly requiring the customer’s signature and personal attendance to service centers. In this respect, a legal framework has been developed for the electronic identity and electronic signature system in cooperation between Emirates ID, TRA and the Ministry of Justice to support the processes in which the ID card is used in modern technologies, and issue a relevant to regulate this process.


In his turn, His Excellency Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director-General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, said, “First, I would like to extend my congratulations to the Ajman Municipality on this tremendous achievement, thus reflecting its leading role in serving the UAE Vision 2021, as well as all efforts exerted to achieve the best customer service experience ever. The completion of this Project reflects the Ajman Municipality’s belief in the importance of integration and interdependence between various government entities to create a digital environment, allowing the provision of easy and fast services, thus ensuring the happiness of all UAE citizens, residents and visitors, alike. We, at TRA, continue to support all efforts exerted to achieve all smart transformation objectives, as well as to make the most of their benefits. In this respect, the consolidation of e-government pillars at the federal level and promotion of an e-lifestyle are, therefore, among TRA’s strategic objectives, thus ensuring that the members of the community, as well as government and private entities, benefit from such a smart transformation optimally.”


In this respect, it is worth mentioning that this ambitious Project aims at sparing the customers the need for personal attendance to the Department’s service centers, by using the UAE digital identity card, as well as taking advantage of all modern features involved therein, including the digital signature - which is a secure method to certify and approve digital transactions, thus transforming electronic transactions into a fully-digitized process, in a duly, legal manner.





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