Ajman Municipality Combats Public Health Pests With Cold Fogging Machines


Monday, 2 March 2020

The Public Health Sector at the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman has organized a prevention campaign to control public health pests, especially mosquitoes. The campaign began on 20 January 2020 and will continue until the end of March 2020, covering all residential areas. Twelve vehicles equipped with ULV cold fogging machines are targeting residential areas and circulating through main and secondary streets. The campaign is accompanied by the awareness campaign “Salamatkom Amana” (Your Safety Is Our Responsibility) that seeks to inform the public about the dangers of public health pests, the diseases they cause, and how to keep them from spreading. The campaign also emphasizes the importance of only dealing with accredited pest control companies and never with companies promoting services without an accredited technical license issued by the Public Health Sector. Participants in the “Salamatkom Amana” campaign have been distributing leaflets containing key relevant information, a list of accredited companies, and an overview of pesticides registered at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. 


Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the Department confirmed that innovative and cooperating teams were exerting intensive, consolidated and organized efforts to limit the spread of pests and find innovative solutions to reduce their harm. He added that pest control methods were being developed and updated in line with the fast and excellent progress the Emirate of Ajman was witnessing across all sectors. He also noted that the work was being executed with great care, the spread and reproduction of pests was being monitored, and control operations were being effectively and safely managed. Laws and regulations that aid in the execution of comprehensive control operations were being implemented, and private pest control companies were being trained and their activities regulated, all to create complementarity in the work and achieve and reinforce Ajman Municipality’s vision of a happy and sustainable city.


Eng. Abdulla Al Tamimi. Director of Public Health at the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, explained that the Sector was focusing its efforts on combatting the most harmful and most widely spread pests and insects such as mosquitoes, which transmit harmful diseases, especially Malaria. He added that the pest control teams have all obtained the required technical training and have deep expertise in the field in line with the conditions set by the Department, which will help achieve the required goals and create an environment free of harmful insects and pests. Al Tamimi then emphasized the need to collaborate with the Ajman Municipality by contacting the Department’s contact center and reporting any pest infestations or wrong practices that could lead to the spread of pests witnessed anywhere in the Emirate. He added that public hygiene should be maintained as it is essential in combatting the spread of public health pests. He then wished all citizens, residents and visitors safety and happiness in the emirate of happiness and safety Ajman.



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