Ajman Municipality and Planning Department Discusses Strengthening Mutual Cooperation in Investment with the Economic Development Department

September 24th, 2019

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department discussed methods to strengthening the ties of cooperation with Sharjah Economic Development Department. The discussion was held as Sheikh Saqr bin Faisal Al Qasimi, Director of the Department of Investment, welcomed a delegation from the Economic Development Department, which visited the Department to see the best practices the Department follows in managing investment. The delegation also wished to benefit from the successful experiences of both departments, and employ them to serve society, improve performance, increase the quality of life, and support sustainable development.


At the start of the meeting, Sheikh Saqr bin Faisal Al Qasimi emphasized that the Municipality and Planning Department is committed to strengthening the ties of cooperation with all other departments in the nation, as well as improving mutual coordination, which will only help to serve society. These commitments were made under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, and His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi.


The meeting included an introduction of the Department, which is considered the financial and managerial entity that is concerned with operating and developing investments in real estate, facilities, and any other investment location under the Department. The aim is to complete development projects and activities in accordance with the Department’s strategic plans, while checking approved systems and inspecting their levels of automation and integration.


An introduction of the Department of Investment was also a part of the meeting. The organizational structure of the Department and the tasks of its different divisions were explained, as well as the services it provides and its internal and external partners.


The delegation checked the facilities and features the Department offers. These numerous facilities, such as facilitating the procedures to obtain permits and licenses and issue site plans, were made to ensure customer satisfaction.


The visit was concluded with Sheikh Saqr Al Qasimi honoring the delegation and emphasizing the importance of mutual visits, which enhance constructive work between the two departments.


It should be noted that the Department of Investment offers improvement opportunities to investors, as the Department considers them favored partners, who will help enhance the effective management of investment assets. The Department also provides the investors with the opportunity to present their projects in detail through email. Afterwards, the Department reviews all of the ideas in light of its strategic goals and societal benefits.




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