Ajman Chamber’s Board visits Heritage District Project in the Emirate

A delegation from the Board of Directors of Ajman Chamber, headed by H.E. Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Board Chairman, visited Ajman Heritage District Project, one of the tourist and investment destinations and historical and cultural highlights in the heart of Ajman. The Department of Municipality and Planning in Ajman has been engaged in executing the Project and providing all facilities for investors to develop various projects amidst a successful and suitable environment for all types of activities.


The visiting delegation, headed by H.E. Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Ajman Chamber’s Board Chairman, received Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of Infrastructure Development Sector at Department of Municipality & Planning in Ajman and Mr. Khalid Ahmed Al Hosani, Executive Director of Support Services Sector at the Department, who had accompanied the delegation to share with them the Project deliverables and investment opportunities in the region.

At the start of his field visit, H.E. Abdullah Al Muwaiji commended the Project which becomes today a destination for seekers of ancient history, authentic civilization, the past of the Emirate and ancestral memories and accomplishments. He stressed that the place is quiet and consists a refuge for families who look for nature, authenticity and welfare and ideal services.


For his part, Dr. Eng. bin Omair gave a detailed description of the Project and its execution milestones. The Department of Municipality committed to developing it while preserving authenticity, particularly that the Project is situated in the heart of the old city of the Emirate of Ajman and surrounds its old museum, which required keeping up with the pace of development and expansion while preserving historical places which reflect the authentic identity, customs and bright history of the Emirate.


Dr. Eng. Bin Omair explained that the Project received considerable support from the Government of Ajman which was keen to empower and support investors in the launch of new projects amidst an ideal environment which provides all means of success and continuity.


The delegation wandered into the open projects which accommodate many stores, cafes, ancient coins, antiquities and perfume shops. Dr. Eng. bin Omair said that the Project relied on diverse spaces to accommodate expectations of investors in Ajman. The Project includes different investment opportunities models of different areas and uses at competitive prices in support of SMEs. The Department also provided various privileges to lessees, wherein the project accommodates 41 shops available for all types of activities within an area ranging between 40 to 100sqm.


The delegation visited also the old fence, poet street, and Al Mizan Sculpture in the Project, valuing the concern for preservation of ancient pathways, ancient trees, legacies and antique stuff and boats for visitors to share the past of ancestors and founders of old city.


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