Ajman Celebrates Imminent Arrival of “Hope Probe” to Mars by Lighting Its Buildings & Streets ​

The Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman celebrated the imminent arrival of “Hope Probe” to Mars by lighting many of its streets and buildings, announcing that celebrations will continue from the 4th to the upcoming 9th of February.


In this regard, H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Director-General of the Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman, confirmed that the dream has become today the closest ever to reality and only few days separate us from Mars, which was impossible to reach, while he stated that celebrating this achievement is the least duty of appreciation to the talented children of the homeland, who kept going on relentlessly on the path of research, thinking, science, and knowledge, so that the dream of our founding father, Zayed, would become a sensible reality.


His Excellency stated that the Department has found it appropriate to implement the initiative in the most vital areas of the Emirate, as red lights will cover the Municipality Department’s building in the city center, and will also lighten Sheikh Humaid Bridge, Sheikh Maktoum Bridge, Al Rowdha Bridge, Al Nuaimiya Bridge, and the buildings of the Heritage Neighborhood, as well as Hazza Al Mansouri Bridge.


From his side, Eng. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of the Department’s Infrastructrue Development Sector, stated that the Department assigned the implementation of the initiative to qualified workforces, which immediately went on to implement the initiative and select the appropriate locations for the demonstration of the same, while he stated that everybody today is celebrating the thinking brains that are a pride of our country and all countries of the world, as they are working hard in service of humanity, as “Hope Probe” will collect more than 1000 Gigabytes of new data on Mars, which will be deposited into a scientific data center in the UAE through several terrestrial receiver stations that are based all around the world. The project’s scientific team will then index and analyze such data, which will be made available to humanity for the first time.


It is ought to note that “Hope Probe” will provide an integrated view of Mars’s atmosphere, a thing which will help scientists attain a deeper understanding of the reasons that had caused the transformation of Mars from a planet that is similar to Earth into a planet of rough terrain, and hence, investigate opportunities of living in the outer space and the construction of human settlements on other planets. This will also contribute to enhancing the growth of the sectors of space, advanced sciences, and technology.



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