75 Different Development Initiatives To Be Launched, "Happiness Session 2" is a Gateway to Seven Stars

February 7th, 2019

The Customers Happiness Center in the Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman held a brainstorming session titled "The Happiness Session" to create development initiatives to enhance the department's services performance and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for its customers and employees. The workshop was attended by 41 employees from all levels of functions and sectors in the department.

The session is an extension to “Happiness Session 1” which succeeded in achieving the desired goals and contributed to the development of services and hard work to make the customers happy, which enabled the Customer Happiness Center to receive a 5 stars rating, and we seek to intensify our efforts to raise the level of performance in order to achieve leadership excellence, Eng. Noora Shattaf said at the beginning of the event, which brought together the concerned departments from all main centers and departments.

Shattaf explained that the sector thought it is proper to organize the session outside the department to create an ideal environment to brainstorm ideas and motivate outstanding employees to create distinctive ideas that contribute to the development of services to customers. “The department has gone a long way in the path of the customer happiness and has improved the customer's experience and exceeded the stage of obtaining the satisfaction to the stage of work to gain absolute happiness and draw the smile on the customer's face and ensure the absolute satisfaction with the services provided”, she added. The Department continues to aspire to achieve the best by adopting constructive initiatives that qualify the human cadres, develop their skills and their expertise so that they can deal with all categories and segments of customers.

“The organizers distributed the specialists all around the session's tables to develop a clear and detailed plan in order to uplift the centers of Ajman, Masfout and Manama to the best performance level. This happened through improving the working environment and training the front line employees at the centers to deal with all segments and categories of the community, and cultivating a positive culture within them and developing their knowledge. This contributes to raising the happiness index among the customers, keeping them completely satisfied with the services and achieving smoothness and flexibility of procedures and saving a lot of time and effort needed to complete the transaction”, Shattaf indicated.

The workshop presented several improvement points derived from the feedback report of the Global Star Rating System for Services, by which the department received a 5 star rating last October. The improvement points included various standards, i.e. customers, efficiency of services, innovation, IT, service providing channels and human resources.

The workshop, which lasted for one working day, included various interactive activities and games that contributed to the positive interaction of the participants and the creating 75 different development initiatives in different fields of work, whether in terms of workers, customers or used work systems. The initiatives will be analyzed and will go through a feasibility study to check how to implement and transform them into tangible reality and positive solutions to challenges.



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