202 Workers in Masfout Health Facilities get Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness-raising Initiative by Masfout Municipality for Health Sector Workers in the City to encourage them take Covid-19 Vaccine


Masfout Municipality at Department of Municipality & Planning in Ajman implemented an awareness-raising initiative for workers in the health facilities of the City to encourage them take Covid-19 Vaccine, the effective way to resume normal life and reach full recovery.


Mr. Saif bin Ghadeer Al Ketbi, Director of Masfout Municipality said that the free optional vaccination campaign witnessed high demand from workers of public health facilities. The Department’s inspectors carried out a comprehensive campaign which targeted 156 health facilities in Masfout and registered 202 workers who got the first dose of the vaccine.


Al Ketbi expressed pleasure at workers’ awareness and concern for their health and safety and the safety of others, reporting that 51.3% of workers in health facilities of the region got the vaccine. He stressed that their qualified cadre follows closely all workers in the public health-related facilities, including restaurants, groceries and gents and ladies’ salons to ensure that workers have valid tests or get vaccinated.


Al Ketbi invited all workers in health facilities to get vaccine to prevent the risk of spread of coronavirus.  


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