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The Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman Completes Preparations to Celebrate Eid- Al Adha

August 8, 2019 The Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman has announced the completion of all preparations to welcome Eid Al-Adha, where the Department has developed an integrated plan to provide some of its services and equipping its own facilities. In this regard, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, said that Ajman Central Abattoir tries every year to develop a precise plan to accommodate all incoming requests, especially during Eid Al-Adha days. Workers in the sector do not hesitate to work all days before the Eid to ensure the readiness of all mechanisms and directly supervise the preventive maintenance procedures of the abattoir equipment and tools and provide modern equipment and advanced technologies that accelerate the slaughter and save a lot of time and effort. Al-Hosani explained that the Central Abattoir includes trained cadres of veterinarians to examine the sacrifices before and after slaughtering to ensure their safety in order to preserve the health of consumers. The abattoir includes as well as qualified expert people and working groups to deal in proper and healthy manner with the sacrifice from receiving to the completion of sacrifices. Al-Hosani indicated that the workers in the abattoir will rotate in the morning and evening periods, to stay open to everyone throughout the days of Al-Eid to accommodate the sacrifices and meet all the needs of the public. Al-Hosani said that the workers have put efforts and worked together at the abattoir during the past period to intake the largest amount of sacrifices this year. He pointed out that the Department is keen to preserve the permanent coordination with external bodies to facilitate things for people coming to the abattoir during the Eid and to organize the pace of work around the clock. Al Hosani mentioned the cooperation with Aimys Company for periodical disposal of waste due to increased productivity in addition to coordination with Ajman Police to regulate the traffic movement inside and outside the abattoir and the Department will coordinate as well with the Civil Defense as a precautionary step for the safety of everyone. Intensive Preparations Al-Hosani explained that the workers in the abattoir follow clear procedures during the slaughtering which are in line with international standards and international quality and safety standards. Workers receive the sacrifices to be subjected to a thorough and strict examination by veterinarians to ensure their safety, free of diseases, suitability for human consumption, exclusion of improper sacrifices, mark the sacrifices for their owners and sending to barns according to type to be slaughtered in the specified hall. Then, they put the validity seals to be delivered to the customer in eco-friendly bags. Al Hosani calls every society member to commit to the slaughter of sacrifices in the central abattoir to avoid health harms that may threaten them. The Department will continue to provide some of its services to the public throughout the days of Eid Al-Adha In the same context, Al Hosani announced that the Department continues to provide some of its services to the internal and external public throughout the days of Eid under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department for his keenness to provide all means of comfort to citizens and residents of Ajman and visitors from within the UAE and abroad. Intensive Inspection Campaigns Al-Hosani stressed that the qualified cadres in the department will continue their working hours during the Eid days to monitor the butcheries and meat shops to ensure their safety and suitability for human consumption.The field inspectors will continue to perform their duties for maintaining the safety and security of all society members. Free Parking Al-Hosani said that the pre-paid parking will be free throughout the Eid A-Adha days to be resumed in the first official working days after the Eid. He indicated that the decision covers all areas of the Emirate of Ajman to provide all luxury and comfort methods for citizens, residents and visitors to celebrate the holidays and happy occasions The Emirate’s Gardens and Parks are Open to Everyone Al Hosani said that the Emirate's parks and gardens will open its doors to welcome everyone from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm to provide family atmosphere where recreational activities geared to children will be held. The department will hold a series of educational and recreational competitions, calling on society members to take advantage of the recreational services offered by the department and enjoy the Eid leave, May Allah return everyone with his blessings. ...

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