Evaluation of engineering consultancy offices in Ajman



Rating score %


The First Category ( Unlimited)

1Proarc engineering consultants955stars
2AJ DESIGN895stars
3Canadian Engineering Consultant Office885stars
4Mazaya Eng.Consultant/L.L.C824stars 
5Eng Adnan Saffarini Office. L.L.C794stars
7Apple Engineering Consultants.L.L.C784stars
8Continental Engineering Consultant744stars
9Al Hilal Engineering Consulting744stars
10Al Nakheel Engineering consultant (L.L.C)724stars
11Al Sahel Engineering and Consulting724stars
12Next Engineering Consultants (L.L.C)663stars
13AL Bayan Engineering Consultants623stars
14City Engineering Consultant .L.L.C623stars
15Al.Madaen Engineering Consultancies613stars
16Al Asri Engineering Consultants office603stars
17Bu Humaid Cons.Eng.office.L.L.C603stars
18Al Tameer Engineering Consulting Office593stars
19AlSafia Engineering Consultants593stars
20Mirage Architectural Engineering Consultants593stars
21Ajman Cons.Bureau563stars
22Abdulla Muqaddam Engineering Consultants553stars
23 Al Bait Engineering Consultant  542stars
24Almanzil Engineering Consultant (L.L.C)512stars
 25Gulf and Emirates Consultant  Engineering (GESECO) 50 2stars
26Al Khawaja Engineering Consultants472stars
27Oasis Engineering Consulting L.L.C452stars
28Architecture house consulting Engineer L.L.C452stars

The Second Category ( G+12)

1Dr.Engineer Fawzi Fadel office/L.L.C603stars
2Architect Engineering Consult/L.L.C583stars
3True Engineering Consultantsn/ L.L.C583stars
4Al Reef Engineering Consultant573stars
5Al Turath Al Omrani Engineering573stars
6Mark Engineering Consultants L.L.C553stars
 7Hakim and Associates Engineering Consultancies (L.L.C)53 2stars
 8Graphics Design and Engineering Consultants51 2stars
 9Al Salam Engineer Consultants - L.L.C47 2stars
 10Kad Eng Consultants L.L.C/BRLicense less than two years2stars

The Third Category (G+4)

 1Al Ghaith Engineering Consultant57 3stars
 2Al Rawdha Engineering Consultants56 3stars
 3Artech Engineering Consultant53 2stars
4Classic Engineering Consultancy/L.L.C522stars
 5Al Methaq Civil Engineering Consultant - L.L.C52 2stars
6Aseel Engineering Consultants L.L.C512stars
7Al Magarah Engineering Consultant 502stars
 8Rock Engineering Consultant 472stars
9Smart Architectural and Engineering Consultants472stars
10Dar Alamarah Engineering Consultant452stars
11Al Ibtikar Al Mumayaz for Housing Engineering Consultancy - L.L.CLicense less than two years2stars
12Al Ebdaa Engineering ConsultantsLicense less than two years2stars
13Al Diwan Consulting Engineers-L.L.CLicense less than two years2stars
14Salem AL kaabi Engineering ConsultantLicense less than two years2stars 

Rating Score


85 and more5stars
from 70 to 84.54stars
from 55 to 69.53stars
from 45 to 54.52stars
less than 45Close the Office