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Masfoot Service Center

Masfoot Service Center Approximately away from Ajman city about 110 km to the south-east with an area of 46 km 2 and includes Masfoot City Mazira area and Assbaygha, and its population descended of the tribes of ancient, such as the tribe Bedwat and bany kaab and is famous for its agriculture, as it has fertile soil and spacious valleys and mild climate which qualified it to be the center of attraction for tourism that is characterized by picturesque nature, where towering mountains like Dfatta mountain, and Laishen mountain, White mountain, as well as its being famous for its spacious valleys such as the Valley of Ghalfa, Alsoamr, Masfoot and Khnfariah and the Valley of Defdaa.

Phone: 06284-45485

Al Manama Service Center

The Manama Service Center began established in 1983. The office functions did not exceed more than monitoring the hygiene, o rganization of the process of land exchange, inspection at shops to organize the process of issuing Economic licenses

Phone: 99978-01446

Main building

Masfoot Road, El Bustan, Ajman, UAE

Phone: 11004 43587, 43551 10975