Towing of 1845 Abandoned Vehicles in Ajman

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman announced towing of 1845 abandoned vehicles from the beginning of the current year 2017 until 24 October, if left by their owners in the parking lots and in front of the houses without cleaning for a long time.

The Department carried out inspection campaigns in all areas to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the Emirate and the positive image of Ajman City that is free from the negative aspects that distort the general view.

The intensive inspection campaigns, which included all Ajman neighborhoods throughout the year, continued to ensure that vehicle owners complied with the clear rules and regulations that oblige individuals not to leave their cars in parking lots and public places unjustly or not to leave them for long periods without cleaning. These inspection campaigns were implemented due to the Department’s concern with the need to preserve the civiallized and aesthetic appearance of the Emirate of Ajman, to face the illegalities that distort the general appearance of the city and to urge everyone to abide by the laws and circulars issued as the emirate is a tourism and investment destination that attracts people from around the world.

It is reported that the Department has spared no effort to organize awareness workshops, training programs and extended campaigns to raise awareness about the damages caused by the abandoned cars, especially in the industrial areas, public parks and in front of the homes, calling on everyone to desist from this bad phenomenon that casts a negative shadow over everyone. This phenomenon distorts the aesthetic appearance and is regarded as an ideal place to commit crimes by weak-minded individuals, in addition to violating the rights of others to obtain regular parking lots.

The Department called upon all citizens and residents of the Emirate not to leave their abandoned vehicles, which will be prone to dust and contaminants to contribute effectively to confronting uncivilized phenomena and to confronting all pollutants that threaten the health and public safety of individuals, bearing in mind that the Department will continue to implement vehicle towing campaigns to deter violators.

The Department sent its message to all residents to assist the work groups and to report immediately when monitoring cases of vehicles abandoned by their owners, which still formed a distorted and uncivilized image in the city and occupied spaces of parking lots designated for residents. Leaving cars and disregarding the results of these acts are phenomena that have to be deterred to maintain the safety and health of individuals and to project the aesthetic image of the Emirate of Ajman.


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