the requirements of the Global Star Rating Program (7 stars)

Out of the keenness of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman on adopting developmental ideas to raise the satisfaction and happiness levels of the customers, the Department held a n interactive dialog in the Al Zawraa Reserve to exchange opportunities to develop the performance from the current position to the aimed leading position in the customer happiness field.


His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that the Department sought to organize an interactive dialog away from routine work environment to create the best atmosphere to exchange developmental ideas and suggestions as well as honing the wells of the human cadres and encouraging positive thinking and brainstorming to come up with outstanding ideas to help developing a solid plan for the aimed development. Pointing out that the dialog is one of the important methods to unleash the capabilities of creative thinking and lucidity.



His Excellency said that the Department takes solid and well-planned steps in the path of achieving excellence in its services provision levels by implementing happiness initiatives and its keenness on continuous development. This came during the dialog to review the results of the Customer Happiness Initiatives, which are being implemented by the Department to reach the leading position according to the standard of the Global Star Rating Program.



His Excellency added that the Department is proud of its human resources, who spare no efforts to achieve the desired objectives, accomplishing the required level and advancing its performance to satisfy the customers. Praising the joined efforts of the departments and their work to successfully implement the constructive initiatives, which aim to enhance the customer experience and to be fully satisfied with the services provided.



His Excellency said that the Department has made considerable progress in excelling its services  was able to reach the level of maturity, and is working continuously to reach the leading position, which will reflect its positive effects on everyone. Stressing that His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department will not spare any effort in supporting work teams and promoting all initiatives that makes the customer feel comfortable, as it is our desired objective and our top priority.


His Excellency praised the percentage achieved in the Customer Happiness field as the Customer Happiness indicator reached 96%, which reflect the happiness and satisfaction of the public with the provided services and their facilitated procedures in addition to reducing waiting periods to save their time and efforts and to spare them the long waiting periods.


His Excellency said that the Department will focus on the front desk employees and will train them intensively, in addition to enrolling them in various training courses to enhance their performance and to enable them to easily communicate with all segments and classes of the society. The Department will also work on support and encourage them continuously to be satisfied with their jobs, which will reflect positively on their work performance. 



His Excellency directed all departments to join their efforts and to develop clear plans and solid methodologies, which qualify the Customer Happiness centers to obtain best standards. Pointing out that the fruitful cooperation will achieve the desired goals and that we all must be familiar with the challenges and work on finding the solutions to enhance development and to advance the progress of the Customer Happiness centers.



The dialog witnessed significant interaction from all departments, which showed their will to pursue development and their keenness on assuming the leading position by development and hard work during short periods. Stressing their will to launch services that will facilitate procedures for the customers, in addition to continuously seeking to integrate the services and provide packages for customer by strengthening the efforts of governmental integration and engaging in strategic partnerships to enhance the customer experience. 


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