The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman operates 210 light posts using solar energy in its parks, including 8 public squares and the Ajman Corniche beach

Out of the keenness of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman on applying green economy by providing new resources of renewable energy and using all resources of available alternative energy to protect the environment and preserve the nature from industrial pollution caused by the use of electricity. The Department of Agriculture and Public Parks finished installing 210 light posts using solar energy distributed in the Al Alam and Al Safyea parks and in 8 public squares in the areas of Al Rashedeya, Brzat Al Zaher, games zone in the Al Safeya park, Ajman Corniche and pergolas in a number of locations to implement the directives of the federal government of the State and to reflect its efforts and strategies to use renewable energy to protect the environment and to implement the vision of the Ajman government for the transition towards the green economy to achieve sustainability in the emirate.


Ahmed Seif Al Muhairi, Director of the Agriculture and Public Parks Administration of the Department, stressed that the alternative resources achieve sustainable development, which doesn't affect the climate of the gulf area negatively in order to provide clean energy for future generations without environmental pollutants that are full of harmful gases or waste that affect the health and integrity of humans and environment, whether directly or indirectly, and causing ecological imbalance in the environmentally and naturally harmonized biological diversity system to preserve the people and elements of nature away from industrial pollutants resulting from the use of electricity.


He pointed out that the light posts are designed according to the environment of the aforementioned public parks and public squares to maintain the environment and heritage of our precious emirate to reflect an outstanding civilized image of the services provided by the Department to the customers during visiting the aforementioned parks and strolling locations, which witness huge turnout throughout the week and particularly in weekends and other holidays.


Al Muhairi added that the Public Parks Division of the Department periodically supervises their maintenance to operate effectively, to save the renewable energy stored in them for longer periods and to light them during visiting hours, which raises the satisfaction level of our services and brings them happiness and joy for being in a recreational atmosphere to meet their requirements and needs.


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