The Department Enters Guinness Record Ajman makes a 16.01 meters-long Harees plate, the longest yet in the world

May 29, 2019

The Municipality and Planning Department was able to break the world record for the longest Harees plate in the world, measuring 16.01 m long, 2.34 in wide and 2 cm high, with the participation of 3000 people from all classes of society. 


The Department declared its intention to organize the Hareeskom Endana initiative to serve this popular plate to the homes of Ajman and poor families. The working teams distributed 800 Harees dishes among poor families, supporting charity initiatives that attempt to spread the sense of affinity and brotherhood among all members of society.


The department said also that the longest Harees plate was an opportunity for the gathering of fasting Muslims, regardless of their nationalities and colors, around a popular Emirati dish, which emphasizes the fact that the UAE has become a city for tolerance and the celebration of traditions with others.


Hareeskom Endana was supervised by a working team composed of qualified specialists that have worked for 10 straight days to ensure the success of this initiative, according to the department, which gathered individuals from all over the emirate on the same table to strengthen the links between all member of society.


Furthermore, the department explained that it seeks to gather people during the holy month of Ramadan in one place to give them the sense that the emirate is their big house in which they live as one united family. Since being launched, the initiative has received a wide interest from all local departments in the emirate, and there was a noticeable keenness by the teems of volunteers and the representatives of different society groups to participate in this important event, according to the department.

Mr. Hamdan Mohammed Al Ali, Acting Director of Contracts and Procurement Administration at the Department and the head of the organizing committee for the event, confirmed that the wise leadership of the department is exerting all possible efforts to build and support quality initiatives and open the door for qualified and creative talents. The initiative was a source of great interest by His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, and was followed up by His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, according to Mr. Hamdan.


The Department was keen to manifest the true asset of Emirati traditions, according to Al Ali, and encouraged people to come and exchange their own Harees plates with others’. He added the the Emirati heritage is full of beautiful traditions and positive values.

 Al Ali also expressed his happiness with breaking Guinness Record, and affirmed that this success would not have been possible without the support of the wise leadership and the participation of diverse departments and volunteers who exerted all possible efforts to make the initiative succeed.






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