Sheikh Zayed Oasis is an exquisite icon of sustainability in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

March 11, 2019 

During the opening of the Sheikh Zayed Oasis project, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, stressed that the late Sheikh Zayed was more than just an ordinary leader; he was an exceptional one. He devoted his entire life to the betterment of his country. He made human beings his top priority and made sure to provide all the requirements of happiness and welfare for every citizen and resident in the country. The Sheikh Zayed Oasis project is an exquisite icon of sustainability in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, which recounts the values of His Highness and his commitment towards preserving the environment and achieving sustainability.  The late Sheikh Zayed’s visionary wisdom was ahead of its time; he was a devoted leader who cared deeply about doing what’s best for future generations.

His Highness expressed his pride in this remarkable project,which was achieved  within a record period of time consisting of a 100 days of intensive work.

His Highness also highlighted the department’s firm commitment towards preserving the environment and achieving sustainability. For this reason, The Sheikh Zayed Oasis initiative was one of the unique initiatives adopted during the Year Of Zayed. The task of supervision, design and execution was entrusted to qualified local professionals that have been characterized by their hard work and dedication towards the success of the project, ensuring that the final outcome exceeded all expectations.

His Highness said that the team sought to follow our founding father’s wishes to conserve the environment and reuse environmental resources. He noted that this project is a great source of pride; especially since it was completely constructed from environmentally friendly materials and recycled wood.

Two Icons of Greatness  

His Highness said that the Emirate of Ajman is now adorned with the image of a leader who was able to achieve excellence in all fields. The late Sheikh Zayed was an exemplary leader and a role model who dedicated his whole life to his people and their happiness; he was devoted to the development of every single aspect of living in the UAE.
His Highness also stressed that the department chose to build the Oasis project specifically in the city of Mohammed Bin Zayed, who is another leader who followed in the footsteps of our founding father and shared his values, which led our country to be a great example of excellence.

For his part, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector in the department, gave a detailed presentation of the project, the stages of its development, as well as its objectives. He also noted that the team sought to execute a project that celebrates the Year of Zayed and commemorates his memory in a popular area in the middle of a futuristic residential neighborhood in Mohammed Bin Zayed City with a total area of 93 thousand square feet.  

Everlasting Love and Gratitude 

Dr. Eng. bin Omair stated that our people’s love for our founding father is undisputable and everlasting. This was noted during the first stages of developing the project, which was met with great enthusiasm by many institutions who wanted to to participate in this project.

Dr. Eng. bin Omair praised the efforts of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, which provided large amount of recycled wood to be used in the construction of the Oasis. He thanked the contracting firms for providing 587 square meters of concrete, with a green concrete ratio of approximately 13%.

Dr. Eng. bin Omair went on to mention that the project was met with strong community participation. Around 24 people worked on planting fruitful long-living palm trees in the Oasis, noting that the department made sure to write their name on each planted palm tree so that they can be a role model for everyone to follow.

He added that the department was interested in the aesthetic aspects of the project and carefully selected the stones used to pave the walkways in the Oasis which were brought from the Manama area of the Emirate of Ajman.


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