requirements of the global Seven Star rating system

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, during a meeting of the team for governmental services developments of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that the Department is proud of the team’s accomplishments to bring happiness to the customers, as the positive steps followed contributed in transforming the traditional services  electronic and smart services to facilitate procedures for the client and enable them to complete their transactions without requiring their presence at the Customer Happiness Center in the emirate of Ajman, explaining that the Department achieved an honorable accomplishment and it still aspires to achieve the best by developing a comprehensive and integrated plan to target all resources related to the customer.

His Highness added that the Department worked through the last period on educating all employees of the Customer Happiness Center and reception employees in particular, on the methods to be followed in dealing with the different segments and classes of the society, as well as briefing them on the standards required by every service provided to the public and the necessity of planning the resources appropriately.

His Highness explained that the responsibility of achieving the best in the path of bringing happiness to the clients is a responsibility of everyone; therefore, our objectives must be clear and defined to advance according to a proper pace and our efforts must join to achieve the aspired objectives. Explaining that the focus must be on the employees providing the services, as they are aware of all details of the services due to having direct and frequent interaction with the services and the public, which requires briefing them on the methods to transform the services into smart services that are available for everyone.

His Highness praised the success accomplished by the electronic authentication system, pointing out that the Department seeks to develop the system to enable the customer from completing their transaction within 20 seconds, which will make an outstanding difference at the service provision level and enhancing the customer experience in the emirate.

For his part, His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, said that everyone must exert more efforts to achieve constant success in the field of brining happiness to the customers, in addition to the concerted and integrated work between all sectors and departments concerned with customer service provision, adding that the they have successfully passed the phase of customer happiness and that they constantly seek to bring happiness to the customer by developing the services and enhancing their provision methods for a better customer experience to make them feel as part of the integrated process and enables them to complete their transactions in a comfortable environment.

The meeting, which included representatives of all sectors of the Department, comprised a discussion on the system requirements and developments of improvement initiatives, which will help advance the customer services from the current status to the pioneer status, in addition to discussing the challenges and their solutions, stressing that the responsibility of receiving the 5-star global rating is on everyone and requires constructive and hard work and the will to achieve this aspired objective. 


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