Project for the Cities of Masfout and Manamah 2030

Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman organized the first community meeting with the people of the Manamah region to discuss the Comprehensive Urban Planning Project for the Cities of Masfout and Manamah 2030 in the Manamah Museum. The meeting will be held in the presence and participation of his Highness Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Infrastructure Development Sector, Dr. Rula Sadeq, Specialized Consultant in preparing comprehensive study for planning and Eng. Aliaa Majlad Al Shamsi, Project Manager, in addition to representatives of the strategic partners in the Emirate from governmental agencies, the private sector, community and officials in the cities of Masfout and Manamah.


Director General emphasized, at the beginning of the first community meeting, that the Department decided to organize this meeting that brings together the competent development departments with the people of the region to listen to their demands, identify their needs and see their development suggestions that will enrich the urban planning significantly. He indicated that the people of the region are the most familiar party with the region details and are the best to determine what suits the region and meets all tastes and fulfills all needs.


His Highness pointed out that today we meet the Manamah residents and we will organize a similar meeting for Masfout residents to find out their needs and listen to their points of view. He added that Manamah and Masfout are inseparable parts of the Emirate of Ajman and an integrated part of it and their development is a duty for all of us. Therefore, we have chosen to organize this vital meeting that opens the horizons of inspirational thinking for everyone, as we are all keen to collect inspirational ideas that become a reality contributing to a better future in both cities.


For his part, Dr. Eng. bin Omair said that the comprehensive urban planning for the cities of Musfout and Manamah 2030 is a project that serves future generations, outlines the achievement of the comprehensive renaissance of the two regions and ensures a better tomorrow and a dignified life for all. He stated that the vision of the wise government in Ajman seeks to provide all the elements of a comfortable life for the people of the Emirate and its visitors and is concerned with the continuous development and achieving the desired prosperity in all areas of the Emirate.


Dr. Eng. bin Omair pointed out that the biggest challenge facing the project owners in the Manamah region is how to fully develop the region while maintaining its calmness and natural beauty. He added that we will preserve the identity of the region, its originality and archaeological sites. Therefore, we will work to maintain the existing assets while developing them. We will also provide shopping malls and dynamic hotels that fully raise up the region.


Panel Discussions

The community meeting included panel discussions to see ideas, suggestions and solutions that would qualify Manamah to be a tourist city with excellence in which all the services of health, education, entertainment and more are available. Thus, its residents will enjoy welfare. It will also attract tourists to enjoy the tranquility of the region while providing everything that a visitor could need. In addition to that, it will attract investors to establish successful projects in an ideal environment that provides all the elements of distinctive work.


The community meeting participants reached a number of constructive suggestions and development ideas aimed at developing a clear vision that will assist decision-makers in developing a comprehensive and clear plan for achieving the desired improvement.


The consultant affirmed, from her side, that the comprehensive planning will qualify Manamah to be an economic zone that occupies a prominent position. It has many elements , including the strategic location which facilitates connecting with the neighboring emirates and achieves the smooth flow of economic activity to a great extend, that qualify it to achieve this position.

City Tour

The first community meeting was concluded with an orientation tour of the landmarks of Manamah city. During this tour, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Suweihi, Director of Manamah Office, presented a detailed presentation about the important areas of the city. He tackled the achievements of Ajman Government to improve the city during the past period through launching development projects and following up on their implementation. 


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