Program entitled: “Achieve Your Corporate Goals“

Customer Happiness Sector at Municipality & Planning Department in Ajman held a workshop entitled: “Achieve Your Corporate Goals“, which targeted students participating in the Summer Program Ajyal in order to spread scientific and practical knowledge among everyone, especially knowledge related to cheering oneself and others. Along the way, this process should achieve internal satisfaction and boost outer satisfaction to employees through meeting customers’ needs and enhancing their experiences.

Engineer Noura Rashid Shattaf, Executive Director of Customer Service Sector in the Municipality Department, emphasized putting up a complete training plan for the Summer Program participants aiming at qualify them, hone their skills, and teaching them vocational skills necessary in their careers. In addition to that, the Program is set to boost participants’ knowledge and put them on the right track. On the other hand, the Program also aims at helping corporates achieve their visions and harnessing them to establish major and minor plans based the desired goals.

Shattaf also explained that the participating age segment in the Summer Program Ajyal is quite essential and should be introduced to the civil labor market life to be more exposed to the practical skills necessary and how to apply them in their careers. In terms of achieving such goal, Shattaf also added that those participants are tomorrow’s manpower and top-notch entrepreneurs. In her speech, she added that the Municipality deployed students among different sectors and departments based disciplinary, needs, and vacancies. Expert personnel will be supervising participants and providing them with all necessary information in the journey of carrying out the assigned tasks throughout the training program, which will be set out for a month.

Shattaf also stated that Customer Service Sector in Municipality worked from the launch of the Summer Program on attracting a number of students and introducing them to the established work approaches and mechanics that aim at providing a satisfactory customer experience to the fullest extent possible. According to her, she made it clear that we are in a dire need today to cultivating a culture of bringing customer satisfaction to different groups of community, especially to students who will soon enough occupy jobs that require dealing with customers. Hence, establishing rules and right mechanics from the very beginning is the most successful approach to get a satisfactory customer experience.

Following the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the Municipality, and His Excellency Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Nuaimi, General Director of the Municipality, Mr. Yousuf Al Shaiba, Chief of Customer Service Center in Ajman expressed during his introduction at the training workshop that the Municipality tirelessly and constantly aims at providing a better customer service experience through qualifying human resources, creating an environment conducive to receiving customers, and educating employees to be positive and initiative. Mr. Yousuf also added that the desired goals of the Program are being achieved through transferring knowledge and training today’s and tomorrow’s employees to achieve the country vision 2021 aimed at making it one of the greatest countries in the world with the happiest people.

Mr. Al Shaiba explained that the workshop focused on four main axes: Municipality culture, how to formulate goals, describing ideas creatively, and transferring knowledge. Yielding results, the training workshop has received significant interaction from students who asked essential questions and shared some enlightened ideas.

Mr. Al Shaiba asserted that the Customer Service Sector is holding several training workshops during “Ajyal” Program aimed at training students on means of providing services, communicating with customers, and introducing them to everything about services. The workshops also aim at giving students a complete customer service experience and qualifying them to be coordinators of happiness. He added that the Sector will hold a workshop about leadership qualities and students will be meeting one of the Municipality leaders to learn from their experiences and be introduced to aspects of success and excellence.



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