Professional diploma in modern management

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman started implementing the training program of the leadership and supervisory staff in the Department in order to qualify them to obtain the professional diploma in modern management in cooperation with Al Shehana Center for Training and Career Development with the participation of 15 employees from various sectors. This is achieved under the directives of Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Head of the Department, follow-up by Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department and implementation of the approved training plan of the current year in the Department’s Career training and development division represented by Human resources department in order to reflect leaders’ vision in qualifying its Human Resources staff and to enhance its progress in the continuing education for all its functional groups.


The training program “Professional diploma in modern management” was presented by Dr. Essam Badr, an expert in human resources, vocational training and career development. He obtained a certificate from the Guinness World Group for excellence in vocational training and career development.

Further, he presented the program’s objectives and themes; providing a definition of modern management, excellence standards and governmental excellence system standards in UAE; based on three pillars: achievement of the vision by 60%, innovation by 20%, and potentials by 20% according to the national agenda and follow its implementation. In addition, management of the implementation of projects, initiatives, programs, operational plans, operation management and sustainability in social, economic, and environmental fields with a focus on seven-star pillar in service delivery, designing and managing operations of service delivery, smart government focal point and designing and implementing transformation policy plans in the provided services.

The trainer has elaborated program implementation stages according to the requirements and clauses in the national agenda as per the available potentials in every governmental institution and local or federal management to apply it pursuant to the implementation requirements in modern management. In its first day, the program included presentations of video films, realistic applications about modern management and normative comparisons between old and modern administration and differences between them as well as a presentation for laboratory of creativity and innovation at work. 

The training program “professional diploma in modern management” is scheduled to continue until next Thursday, after which every trainee obtains a certificate of professional diploma in modern management.


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