People of Determination are over the Peaks" makes 10 hearts of Players Happy While Practicing their Various Hobbies

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman organized in cooperation with the Ajman Sports and Cultural Club the "People of Determination are over the Peaks" initiative, which targeted 10 players while they were involved in the various games at the Ajman Club. The joint volunteer team between both parties gave material gifts and gifts in kind to the players.

Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Infrastructure Development Sector in the Department, the General Chairman of Good Year Committee, stressed that the People of determination are a segment that deserves all respect and appreciation. They worthily managed to overcome all the challenges and prove to everyone that their will and determination make the impossible. He asserted that supporting and motivating them are much less than what they deserve so that they can go along the path of life, and they should know that we are always standing next to them and are always helping them to achieve more successes.

Dr. Eng. Bin Omair explained that the Department has decided to organize the important initiative in partnership with the Club for its interest in engaging all institutions in the mutual charity work that casts a positive impact on all aspects of life, noting that we noticed that the volunteer team at the Ajman Club has a true desire to make the initiative successful and support the people of determination in various ways.

Mr. Nasser Ibrahim Al-Dhafri, Executive Director of Ajman Sports and Cultural Club, said that the club was keen to provide suitable games for the people of determination and provide them with all the necessities that enable them to practice their various sports with ease. He pointed out that they are an integral part of us and we are proud of their presence among us. They are the title of determination and challenge. We draw from them the determination and ability to continue despite the harsh conditions.

Al-Dhafri praised the keenness of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman to organize such initiatives that focus on social responsibility and target segments that need moral support and permanent assistance, stressing that the club is proud of its close relationship with the Department and will continue to hold joint initiatives that serve everyone.

The initiative saw a great deal of reaction among the people of determination who praised the role of those who organized this interesting initiative, which touched their hearts and made them felt the sense of everyone towards them.


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