Our leading country is a haven for tolerance and peace

His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that the vision of the wise leadership in the UAE and its supporting directives for all initiative aiming to instill the principles of tolerance helped creating a haven for happiness, tolerance and peace in the world as different nationalities and religions live safely in our country.

His Excellency said that tolerance is an instilled principle in our souls on which we were raised and it is reflected on our actions and choices as there is no place for hatred among us and we only welcome tolerance and good manners in our country and we are proud of our local culture that aims to accept, comprehend and involve the others in our society and make them an integral part thereof.

His Excellency added that the UAE celebrates the International Day for Tolerance and that our country assumes the highest positions and tops the list of tolerated countries and advances with solid steps to fight racial discrimination and reject all forms of terrorism, violence, radicalism, intolerance and hatred, as well as promoting constructive relationships through mutual respect, understanding, dialog and cooperation to reject all forms of hatred. In addition, our country seeks to advance in the path of consolidating the values of coexistence and tolerance as well as urging respect for intellectual and religious pluralism and accepting the others.

His Excellency said that we are proud to be living within a society known for its tolerance, moderation and accepting the others as they are, and that we are proud to be the people of the UAE, who represent the distinguished image in all local and international forums to show their upholding of the teachings of Islam, which urges us to be peace-loving and to respect the other, in addition to maintaining the authentic Emirati upbringing, which consolidates tolerance in the hearts of the people of our country, which became an inspiration to the world and a beacon to those searching for a country that combines excellence, tolerance and welfare.    


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