Named a mosque in Al Raqaib district to Samir alblouche

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department - Ajman, has named a mosque under construction in Al Raqaib district, fully built at his own expense, after the martyr to duty Samir Mohamed Murad Abu Bakr Al Balushi to honor and acknowledge the efforts of the deceased. Al Balushi had been a valued member of the courageous Armed Forces who was martyred during the operation “Restoring Hope” carried out by the KSA-led Arab Coalition to support the legitimate government in Yemen.

His Highness asserted that naming a mosque in Al Raqaib district after the martyr barely acknowledges the merits of the martyr who sacrificed himself for his country and spared no efforts in answering his country’s call of duty, supporting the legitimate rule, and defending our dear country. He also highlighted that Samir Al Balushi was renowned for his good manners, nobleness, and all bear witness to his manliness and chivalry on all occasions.

His Highness also declared that the Mosque, which is to be named after the martyr in Al-Raqaib, accommodates 100 performers of prayer, with an area of 1200 square feet, and is set to be inaugurated by the beginning of the coming year, 2018.

Moreover, His Highness pointed out that our dear government and wise leadership have laid the foundations for the tradition of acknowledging the martyrs. He also noted that the government of Ajman exerts all possible efforts to acknowledge the martyrs, honor them, and care for their families and children, holds them dear, and advises to provide them with constant care and support.

He highlighted that martyrs are the finest citizens of the country and that it is incumbent upon all of us to always remember them to preserve their good memory and leading example. This is due to the fact that they courageously sacrificed all that is dear to them to uphold the pride and greatness of our union. He stated that the mosque which is situated near to the home of martyr Samir Al Balushi and is  be attended by performers of prayer is the purest form of all places in memorial of the best of men. It preaches that the love of one’s country is proven in actions not words, and instills the qualities of heroes in the coming generation.


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