MPDA Subjects 1038 Parking to Pre-Paid Fees

The Municipality and Planning Department - Ajman announced the introduction of a service for the payment of parking fees for 1038 parking spaces on Al-Etihad Street, starting from the parking spaces of Ajman gate to the parking spaces of Nour Al Kawthar Mall and Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Street, which belong to Ajman Towers 1. Parking supervisors will follow up on the commitment of drivers to the service during two shifts: the morning shift starts at 8 AM and lasts until 1 PM, while the night shift starts at 5 PM and lasts until 9 PM.


Dr. Eng. Mohammed bin Omeir bin Yosef Al-Mehairi, the Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector at the Department, said the decision will go into actual practice starting from Saturday, December 9, 2017, to maintain the traffic flow in the two dynamic streets which witness continuous movement around the clock, posing a need for regular parking spaces to face the phenomenon of using parking spaces randomly and for long periods of time.


Dr. Eng. Mohammed bin Omeir clarified the Department is working to organize the use of parking spaces in the Emirate f Ajman to serve the public interest and increase the effectiveness of parking spaces for the users of roads in the Emirate of Ajman, aiming at providing an effective system for the management of parking spaces in the emirate to solve the problem of high pressure on parking spaces as well as guarantee the provision of the largest number of regular parking spaces for customers.

He also stated the drivers have many simple ways to pay the parking fees, including the user-friendly smart app for parking services, "MAWQIFI", the SMS payment, and the traditional payment through parking devices distributed across all sectors subject to fees.



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