MPDA Prepares to Obtain ISO 22301

His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, has presided over the meeting of the Senior Steering Committee for Business Continuity within the preparations of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman to obtain the international standard ISO 22301 certificate for business connectivity for competition as a part of the Department's strategy that is based on creativity, innovation and continuous development. This is in accordance with the vision and orientation of Government of Ajman's strategy on 2021; to make the Emirate of Ajman the smartest and happiest city in the world, and to harness the modern technologies in improving the government performance in accordance with the highest international standards. The Department is constantly keen on developing its capabilities in the field of business continuity management because of the importance of the services provided by the Department, which is central and vital in Ajman, according to the highest levels of availability, reliability and quality. It is a pioneering step to support the Department's efforts in the area of risk confrontation, evaluation and immediate response, as well as speeding up the decision-making process about it. It is also a strong impetus to proceed forward towards enhancing the level of excellence achieved by the Municipality and Planning Department in managing corporate business continuity. It is also a new achievement to be added to its impressive track record of achievements in this field globally and to its constant striving to occupy a high position among its counterparts in a tangible competitive and distinctive manner.

During the meeting, there has been a workshop for the invitees from executives directors, directors of administrations and supervisors from the department's employees that aimed to introduce the business continuity management system (ISO 22301) for them to adopt the best international practices in all its businesses and services, in line with the Ajman Government's goal of achieving excellence. The Department's pursuit for winning ISO 22301 certificate for business continuity management is a very important step, as the certification further confirms our ability in addressing the risks we face at all stages and our ability in sustaining business, including identifying potential threats, evaluating their potential impact and developing the ability to minimize their negative impact on business.

His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi urged the department's leaderships to contribute practically to enhancing the position of the department globally and to adhere to the standards of business continuity and crisis and disaster management in the department through proper guidance for employees to deal with crises and emergencies in a timely, prudent and manageable manner in order to prevent from its negative impacts in a manner that keeps the national property in the Ajman emirate. He stressed on the importance of repeating the periodic meetings for all the task forces that have been formed in the Department, launching mini workshops to train them and familiarize them with the means of business continuity in emergencies, coordinating educational programs in every department regarding the two stages of prevention and preparedness for emergencies, crises and disasters, raising the level of preparedness for business continuity and emergency, crisis and disasters response through establishing an integrated system of procedures in the department and supervising its implementation in coordination with the authority and the concerned parties in the emirate, communicating and coordinating all the aspects related to business continuity field in order to achieve integration between the local and national levels, supervising the preparation of the risk registry in the department and ensuring its compliance with the national risk registry, supervising the preparation of databases of resources and possibilities available in the department and following up the process of updating them, supervising the preparation and evaluation of the local response plans for business continuity and emergencies, crises and disasters response in coordination with the concerned authorities, developing capabilities through making proposals and submitting reports of evaluation, and coordinating programs among concerned authorities at the level of the municipality and updating them periodically.


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