MPDA Inaugurates Agricultural Arboretums in Four Schools in Ajman

To embody the slogan launched by the founding Sheikh, “Together We Plant the UAE”,       

Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman inaugurates agricultural arboretums in four schools in Ajman, distributes Happiness Seedlings in gardens and continues planting environment-friendly trees in diverse locations in Ajman in collaboration with the Red Crescent Organization, school students, activists and Department’s volunteer team. The 38th “Plantation Week” launched in the Department today is an initiative distributing “Happiness seedlings” in all Ajman’s gardens.


The Municipality and planning Department’s Head of Agriculture and Public Parks Department/Head of the Supreme Committee implementing the activities of the 38th “Planting Week”, Ahmed Saif Al-Muhairi, has stressed that the Department is keen on the involvement of all society members in the activities of the “Planting Week” to encourage them to take interest in agriculture and motivate them to learn the profession of their ancestors, which Sheikh Zayed was fond of. The aim of this is to promote agricultural values via providing professional guidance to students so as to orient them to the profession of their ancestors. This green approach comes to achieve the vision of the leadership in a manner that reflects the message and strategic goals of the Government of Ajman for the years up to 2021, which is achieving sustainable development in the Emirate via this green approach.

He also highlighted that this 38th cycle of the “Plantation Week” witnessed the participation of strategic partners in the Emirate, especially activists, volunteers in addition to the Emirate’s schools. In the meantime he commended the efforts of all those who collaborated with Ajman Municipality and Planning Department in schools, universities, charities; valuing the role of those activists in the embodiment of the slogan “Together We Plant the UAE”, launched by the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed - may he rest in peace and may Allah have Mercy upon him.


Al Muhairi pointed out that the Department is keen on launching diverse agricultural initiatives, among which is the distribution of “Happiness Seedlings” which the Department distributes in all the Emirate’s gardens for free, in light of the keenness of Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Head of the Department; and its Director General, Abdel Rahman Al Nuaimi, to make happiness a slogan that touches the lives of all citizens and residents in Ajman through sharing with them all the agriculture and environmental activities of the Emirate.

The Agriculture and Public Parks Department in Ajman Municipality and planning Department participated with the activists in Ajman Center for Sponsoring Activists in planting the sidelines of street Mohamed bin Zayed to increase green spaces and move towards a green economy that reflects the vision of the Emirate and its green approach strategy.


Activists and volunteers from the ambassadors of the Emirates Volunteer Council and the “Plantation Week” team from the Department’s staff have planted environment-friendly trees that suit the climate of the Emirate to increase green spaces and create a beautiful environment that attracts tourists to all areas in Ajman and achieve the governmental vision and goals towards a green economy and increase the happiness levels of the residents of the Emirate to the highest possible.


The activities of the third and fourth days of the event included the inauguration of an agricultural arboretum in Al-Zawraa School (second cycle) and opening of three public arenas in Meshairef and Al-jurf, as well as distributing seedlings in the Science Garden to governmental institutions and departments of Ajman and to schools in collaboration with the teaching faculties and the agriculture team. Furthermore, educational agriculture lectures were delivered, and educational workshops were held in Al-Hanan Advanced Kindergarten in Al-Hamidiyah and Al- Amany Kindergarten where the pupils of the kindergarten participated in the event in the presence of Ahmed Saif Al-Muhairi, Head of the Agriculture and Public Parks Department and the “Plantation Week” team.


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