MPDA in Ajman stresses its readiness for the rain season by developing a solid contingency plan

Out of the constant keenness of the Department on providing decent and safe living for the population of the emirate as well as providing all elements of safety and welfare, in addition to implementing its strategy, which takes into consideration the highest standards of supplies and preparations required to prevent potential incidents, the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman announced its readiness for the coming rain season of 2017/2018.

His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, stressed that the Department developed a solid contingency plan under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, for his keenness on providing the highest standards of supplies and preparations required for the rain season. Pointing out that the preparations for the rain season are to be carried out prematurely to ensure the full preparation and prevention of any potential incidents, in coordination with all administrations of the Department, so each administration shall handle its assigned tasks of the maintenance of the stations, equipment and machines and gathering a work team as well as assigning workers to fully clean all main ground water pipes, including opening sewers and cleaning internal plastic drainers of accumulated sand or waste.

His Excellency said that the Roads and Infrastructure Administration of the Department exerted every effort to prepare for the rain season of 2017/2018, as it provided 65 movable rainwater withdrawal pumps and completed all maintenance and cleaning work of storm drain systems, pumping stations and water drains in the streets. In addition, a 15 work teams were formed to monitor and supervise the rainwater draining systems across the emirate throughout the rain season as well as ensuring the readiness of water withdrawal tanks.

Adherence to safety instructions

His Excellency pointed out that it is necessary that all consultancy offices in the emirate adhere to the announced instructions on the adverse weather conditions for the safety of the residents and visitors of the emirate, coinciding with the temperature drop in the emirate, above sea level and open areas. The forecast predicts that the weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy with possible precipitation over some areas.

His Excellency added that the circular states the necessity of ensuring safety certificates and outdoor elevators, in addition to ensuring the adherence of obtaining safety certificates of scaffolds and the safety of the protective fences around work sites and to properly ground it to prevent any possible dangers.

Distributed and ready teams

His Excellency said that emergency teams and workers will be distributed on different areas in the emirate of Ajman along with specialists and that the Department will provide means of security and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. Stressing that the teams will spare no efforts and will follow up all sources of forecast in different local and global media to interfere immediately at the time of heavy rain fall, as they are well trained and able to handle urgent conditions as well as checking the following of the storm drain systems and the traffic flow. In addition, the workers will be distributed across the emirate to move instantly to streets where water needs to be withdrawn as well as organizing the traffic flow in the streets to ensure the safety of road users.

His Excellency urged the residents and visitors of the emirate to immediately communicate with the Department through the hotline # 80070, as the work teams will spare no efforts in providing the necessary support, praising the role of the residents, who are the eyes of the department by reporting accidents, which help reduce their effects significantly, and wishing that the rain season will bring goodness and mercy upon everyone. 


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