MPDA activates artificial intelligence techniques in the field of Health and Environmental

Municipality and planning Dept.-Ajman announced its intention to activate artificial intelligence techniques in the field of Health and Environmental Control and Inspection in line with its strategies that support artificial intelligence stage as it is the title of the stage and the feature of the current era.

Eng. Khaled Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of Public Health and Environment Sector, affirmed during chairing a meeting with a global company specialized in the field of smart technologies and the development of artificial intelligence system, that the Department heads for staying the course of artificial intelligence, under the direct guidance of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Department and follow-up from HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department. This is to be achieved through activating smart systems and technologies in various fields, including adopting Health and Environmental Control System, which mainly relies on artificial intelligence in all its applications and functions.

Al Hosani explained that the updated Control and Inspection System will be directly linked with the current systems of the Department through the existing database and will be linked with geographic mapping system. It will also support geographic mapping system which provide a comprehensive clear picture of the enterprises, will support inspection and remote licensing, as well as its contribution to identify and prepare control plans. Further, the system will analyze data from the enterprises internally and identify the risk degree on the enterprises.

Al Hosani talked about the advantages of the smart system, which allows monitoring of large enterprises through smart roaming systems from offices, which will contribute to resolving complaints as quickly as possible and reduce human intervention permanently. In addition, it has a significant role in reducing time necessary for performing health and environmental inspection processes through prioritization, geographical coverage and easier routes in less time and less cost. The system connects smart control devices with the program; which provides a clear picture of inspection and control processes that contribute to reduce number of inspection processes and the need for an additional staff in parallel with development and growth of the Emirate, including health devices and emissions measurement devices.

Al Hosani added that the system supports modeling programs which show the spread of emissions and pollutants; contributing to the control processes of the system. It is connected with inspectors’ systems which will support flexible business hours without the need to office hours. It will provide the inspector with a clear picture of location of inspection and all procedures carried out via the system. A report will be submitted to the enterprise which includes all the requirements to take the best advantages of available resources through reducing time, organizing work, and applying the prioritization system associated with the system of food, health and environmental risk analysis.

Al Hosani said that the Intelligent Control System, which uses latest technologies, will support the direct connection with electronic services as well as assessing the inspector according to the productivity under individual performance plan and percentage of errors as per the objection cases or the auditors evaluate the reports as the system will choose 15-20% of reports to be reviewed by auditors and other specialists.

In addition, Al Hosani explained that the competent inspectors will be provided a golden opportunity for their achievements to be known as the system will smartly calculate their efficiency within the analysis of inspection’s data and results. He indicated that the sector will attract many smart technologies and latest applications that keep pace with the current stage, reflect a positive image on all the aspects of work and benefit everyone.


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