“Makani” project to serve the National Ambulance

The Management of Spatial Data System at the Municipality and Planning Dept.-Ajman received a delegation from the National Ambulance; aiming to exchange the expertise and information in using directional signboards and addressing panels (Makani) in Ajman to advance the objectives and strategies of the National Ambulance in reaching the clients as quickly as possible.

During the bilateral meeting held at the Management of Spatial Data Systems, ways of strengthening joint cooperation regarding the use of “Makani” project panels were discussed.

Aisha Al-Taniji, Director of Spatial Data Systems Management has generally introduced the project and to what extent it cooperates in achieving the strategic indicators of both sides.

Issa Al Awadhi, head of Addressing and Geographical Names Division, has provided a detailed technical explanation for the Project and its importance in serving the clients from variable governmental and non-governmental entities and provide sector to accurately reach various addresses and locations of buildings in the Emirate, which contributes to reduce time and effort required to respond to clients and simplify the access procedures while searching for buildings in emergency situations.

The two sides discussed the developmental proposals addressed by the National Ambulance regarding addressing systems and ways to use it to serve the strategic ends of the National ambulance and other authorities concerned by serving the society in general.

From its part, the National Ambulance praised the creative environment the Emirate has established, represented by its wise leadership and valued the role of Spatial data Systems Management at the Municipality and Planning Dept. for its distinctive and motivational working efforts, which ensured to be provide for its employees, visitors and clients from different nationalities.



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