M&P authenticates 43079 lease contracts

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman authenticates 43079 lease contracts by the end of the first half of the current year

The total of the authenticated lease contracts in the emirate of Ajman, according to the statistics of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman in the first half of 2016, reached a number of 42028 lease contracts in the City Center, 372 lease contracts in Manama City and 676 lease contracts in the cities of Masfout and Mezrea recording a significant increase in the authenticated contracts with more than 20% comparing to last year, due to the growing population, construction and development movement and urban development.

The Municipality and Planning Department classified, through its authentication center, whether in the City Center, which authenticated 42028 lease contracts, the Masfout Service Office, which authenticated 676 lease contracts and the Manama Office, which authenticated 375 lease contracts, according to their types and the presence percentage of residents of different nationalities.

 The emirate witnessed, during the past two months, the launch of the electronic authentication of lease contracts system, which has been launched by the Department to provide all services electronically to clients within its project of electronic transformation in all services provided to clients, in addition to the application of the applied international best practices in all fields.

To that, Nourah Rashid Shataf, Executive Director of the Client Support Sector of the Agency, confirmed that the launch of the electronic lease authentication system project, by the Department, comes with its developed plan to continue the application of the electronic transformation policy in providing its services to clients, adding that the system was launched first in the Private Property Administration in Ajman, comes in preparation for to be circulated to all residential real estate offices in the emirate, which will reduce the pressure on service offices in the Department and will facilitate the first phase, followed by upcoming phases for lease contracts in different commercial and industrial sectors. Pointing out that the new electronic system reflects the aspirations of the Leadership and its keenness on applying the electronic transformation.



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