M&P AJMAN bans birdcalls devices

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman bans the use of the wild birdcalls mimicking devices in the emirate.

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman announced the banning the use of the devices that mimic wild birdcalls in the emirate. From the keenness of the Municipality to maintain the vital and biological diversity as well as preserving the wildlife for the birds and protecting them from extinction.

Eng. Khalid Moein Al-Hosni, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector of the Department, confirmed that the wild birdcalls mimicking devices are banned from being used in the emirate of Ajman and will subject their users to punitive procedures whether the users are natural persons or legal persons (public and private), pointing out that goal of banning trading, using, installing and importing these devices is to preserve the wildlife from poaching and to maintain the natural resources from depletion.

Al-Hosni added that the coming period will witness a huge immigration of birds and the mating season of Curlew birds, which is a very rare species and must be protected from extinction, pointing out that some people exploit this season to illegally hunt birds using such devices to mimic birdcalls to attract them from distant places and capture them easily.

Al-Hosni added that the Department spares no effort to protect natural resources and maintain them from all dangers under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, for his keenness on enhancing the support of all efforts to fight poaching of the migrant wild or sea birds by different means, which cause serious damage to the environment and the biological diversity balance.

The Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector added that the ban comes in accordance with the Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 on protecting and protecting the natural environment in addition to banning the use of such devices, which are used for hunting purposes, particularly for the endangered Curlew birds, which cause serious damage to the wildlife and change in birds behavior.

Al-Hosni said that the emirate witness a huge number of hunting devices placed along open and desert areas. Many residents have complained from the noise and inconvenience caused by bird calling devices. Pointing out that the wellbeing of the citizens and residents of the emirate of Ajman is the aim of the Department to achieve, as well as fighting all means and methods that disturb their wellbeing and convenience.


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