hybrid and environmentally-friendly vehicles

The Standing Committee for urban Development, Infrastructure and Environment of the Ajman Executive Council has reviewed the Ajman Public Transport Corporation’s report on converting hybrid and environmentally-friendly vehicles, which is included in the study presented by the Public Transport Corporation on identifying specifications of hybrid and environmentally-friendly vehicles, its environmental and economic benefits, its contribution to reducing hazards of carbon emissions polluting environment and its natural elements, reaffirming the need to develop an educational plan to sensitize the community to the environment in cooperation with schools and associations and by inviting all members of community to contribute to sorting and recycling of waste.

This periodic committee meeting has been held in the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman under presidency of HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Committee / Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, in the presence of all members, who are representatives of the governmental bodies related to urban development, infrastructure and the environment.

The meeting included various themes listed in the agenda concerning the environment and importance of its protection by ensuring implementation of the project of waste recycling and sorting from the source, relevant suggestions previously offered, follow up of past meetings’ recommendations and the extent of implementation thereof, and other topics relating to the past meetings’ recommendations on sorting of wastes from its sources, circulation of the project of governmental environmentally-friendly vehicles and taking action on the project by the Executive Council’s decision.

The participants in the meeting listened to an explanation of the environmental study provided by the Public Transport Corporation, which was presented by Eng. Omar Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, the General Director of the Corporation / member of the committee and its content regarding the hybrid vehicles that the meeting approved its implementation after consent of the Executive Council.

HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Committee, stressed the need to implement workshops and educational programs that include environmental dialogue sessions in which target groups participate, and deliver educational lectures for all members of society through social, cultural and women's associations, Ajman district schools and the private sector of the Emirate regarding importance of waste sorting from its sources and taking advantage from it by recycling and use, thus contributing to the support of the national economy and rationing the governmental spending on the same footing as other emirates pioneering in this field.

The chairman of the committee commended for the environmental scientific studies and recommendations of the Special Committee, which members reviewed, on the environment and the use of environmentally friendly means to protect it such as hybrid vehicles, waste sorting from its sources, recycling and use of the waste for translating the National Environment Index, which is required to be increased by 75% in terms of implementing strategies of the Climate Change Ministry in the field of environment protection, stressing the importance of submitting the recommendations offered in this regard to the concerned body for approval and implementation in the next year 2018.


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