Emergency teams from the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department continue to withdraw rainwater from areas where water accumulated in Ajman

March 18, 2019

The emergency teams at the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman have not stopped working on withdrawing rainwater from the areas where water accumulated in the emirate, in order to facilitate movement and to ensure the continuity of normal day-to-day activities. The department has distributed 65 water pumps all over the streets of the emirate.


The department has declared its complete readiness to deal with all emergency situations in the emirate.  Instant response will be provided to all citizens who call the hotline 80070, or file a complaint through the department’s social media accounts. The emergency teams are formulating a firm plan to deal with the rainy season by ensuring that all relevant departments are fulfilling their tasks such as offering maintenance to stations, equipment, and machinery, as well as forming task forces, and assigning workers to clean all main water pipelines.


The Department of Roads and Infrastructure has explained that it spared no effort to prepare for the 2018/2019 rainy season. All maintenance work on rain drainage networks, pumping stations and road drainage holes has been completed. The department also formed 15 task forces to monitor the drainage of rainwater all over the emirate during the rainy season, while ensuring that rainwater storage tankers are fully functional.


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