Creation of Happiness Council

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi stresses that the Department created the Happiness Council for women in appreciation of the achievements of the Emirati woman and to recognize the efforts of the productive woman in all fields 

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that Emirati women are our pride in all local and international forums and a source to sublimity and sophistication in addition to being the base to renaissance and prosperity in all areas of life. This came during the celebration of the Emirati Woman Day organized by the Department on August 28 as translation of the visions of the senior leadership of the UAE and its wise guidance to support and promote the creative woman and incorporate her in all aspects in life.

His Highness said that the Department values the qualifications of women and seeks to adopt all ideas that will help moving forward, as the Department created the Happiness Council for Women at the Department headed by Eng. Nourah Rashid Shataf, Executive Director of the Customer Services Sector of the Agency to promote the creative and outstanding woman. In addition, the Department will spare no effort to adopt constructive suggestions and unique innovations to become concrete reality that serves everyone and will strive to encourage women to be educated and to obtain higher education, gain skills and knowledge that will guide them to prosperity and sophistication. 

His Highness said that the Department is proud of the female staff, which deserved high positions, thanks to the great efforts made by the Emirati woman in her work at the Department, as she doesn’t only do he assigned work, but creates, thinks, innovates, proposes and seeks with all her energy to maintain the distinguished position of the Municipality and Planning Department, for which she works tirelessly. Pointing out that the Department is aware of the value of woman and her endless potentials, as she is the ideal partner for development and advancement. Hence, the Department assigned her in the highest positions, which befit her as the Department include an Emirati woman were able to hold the position of an Executive Director as well as four other women in the positions of Director of Administration, in addition to other 19 women hold the positions of Head of Division in addition to many supervision and leading jobs assumed by the efforts and creativity of women.

His Highness said that celebrating the Emirati woman on her day comes as appreciation and recognition of her achievements, as she is the protector of the base of the society and leader of the future generations, as well as being creative in all fields of work such as being an engineer, a doctor, a supervisor and a teacher and wherever she works she creates and innovates to make the best. Pointing out that the UAE believes in the importance of the woman and that the society won’t exists without her, as her presence makes difference, so the current Federal Government was formed with eight women hold high ministerial positions and the UAE spares no effort to motivate and support the Emirati women locally and internationally.

His Highness said that the UAE celebrates the Emirati Woman Day on the memory of the founding of the General Women's Union in 1975 AD, and that women seek advancement, hold distinguished positions and rise the flag of the union high in all fields inside and outside the UAE, pointing out the importance of guiding the Emirati women on the path of development and advancement, as they are the beacon for sublimity and glory. 


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