artificial intelligence is the focus of the current phase

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi stressed that artificial intelligence is the focus of the current phase and we are ought to apply it on all aspects of work and life in line with the vision and strategy of our leading country, which adopted this unprecedented direction worldwide. This came during the opening of the virtual exhibit of the Infrastructure Development Sector, which worked on leveraging modern technologies, by His Highness and accompanied by His Excellency Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, and a number of officials.

His Highness added that the virtual exhibit of the Infrastructure Development Sector is a smart accomplishment achieved by the qualified human cadres of the Department, who seek to keep the pace with the modern phase to promote institutional work and to advance development and progress in the emirate in general. Stressing that we are in need to create creative and innovative work environments capable of high productivity to promote governmental performance and to speed the completion of procedures through the investment of modern technologies and artificial intelligence as well as applying them on all fields of work with high efficiency and optimally investing all capabilities, in addition creatively using available materials, human and financial capabilities to accelerate the implementation of developmental programs and projects to reach the future we want.

His Highness said that the exhibit is based on using a smart board that contains several interactive points, which allow the user to browse the achievements of the Infrastructure Development Sector of the Department and its current and future projects as well as the data they need by passing the smart or mobile device on the point they want to inquire to gather more information. Pointing out that the exhibit depends on smart connection between the devices and the board to browse the data, which will facilitate the procedures for the user as the data and information will be available within seconds.

His Highness mentioned that the Department was able to assume a high position among its peers and worked on transforming all of its services into smart services and will work now on adopting the artificial intelligence direction in all services provided to the public by developing the mechanisms, technologies and legislations of artificial intelligence, pointing out that we have great trust in our trained and specialized human cadres, who will spare no effort to complete this phase and to live its positive effects, which benefits everyone and lays the foundation for building a better future.

For his part, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Infrastructure Sector of the Department, provided a detailed presentation to His Highness on the work phases of the virtual exhibit project and its objectives, pointing out that the exhibit is easy to use and suitable for all segments, in addition to its significant part in the smart browsing of information without having to review papers, which will help reducing their use and save the cost of their manufacture.

Dr. Eng. bin Omair explained that the internal cadres of the Department was able to accomplish this achievement thanks to the support of the senior leadership of the Department and its constant seeking to support the employees and allowing them to direct their capabilities and efforts in creative and innovative work and missions as well as opening the doors of innovation for them to be creative and think differently to make the desired change, in addition to not sparing any efforts to help them overcome the challenges and supporting them financially and morally to provide practical and fast solutions of quality and efficiency.

During navigating the virtual exhibit of the Infrastructure Development Sector, His Highness urged all sectors of the Department to use artificial intelligence technologies and to work on applying them to provide the best and fastest governmental services for the clients to enhance their experience, to bring them happiness and to earn their total satisfaction.

The new model for the management of spatial data

His Highness launched the new model for the management of spatial data, which depends on providing all requirements that create creative environment for the employees, as the design of the location is different from the design of regular workplaces as it features colorful designs for the desks and provides recreational spaces for they employees, in addition to removing wooden barriers between them and designing an open concept meeting room.

For her part, Eng. Aisha Al Taniji, Director General of Spatial Data Management of the Agency, briefed His Highness on the work phases of the new model of management project and its aspired objectives, pointing out that the management sought throughout the years of its operation to look to the future, launching several applications that advance municipal work and strengthen the relationship of the Department with its strategic partners, which benefits all members of the society, and that we seek today to apply the best practices to advance progress and development.

His Highness added that what he witnessed today at the spatial data management is a model that must be applied on all offices of the Department to provide creative environment to the employees to motivate them to think positively and create the ideal environment for constructive work and innovation. 


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