Al Raqayeb reflects Ajman legacy

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, Has accentuated the necessity of delivering Al-Raqayeb forest Park project by next October to be the first park of its kind emirate-wide that maintains the legacy and preserves the genuine nature of the emirate of Ajman. That came during a fieldtrip of His Highness, while heading to the Park, accompanied by Mr. Marwan Obaid Al Muhairi, Director of Projects Management Office of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman and a number of officials.

His Highness has also assured that the park reflects the genuine deep rooted heritage of the emirate, entrenching the valuable legacies in its visitor, allowing them to enjoy the natural trees existing in our Arabic predominantly desert, as it contains 5000  environmental plant, including Prosopis  trees, Salvadora, Zizyphus Spina-christi and palms. Stating that the Municipality Department was keen on carrying out this important project, in order to preserve the natural trees that are considered a real wealth, which requires constant preserving and maintenance.

His Highness has also demonstrated that the emirate of Ajman has gone a long way in becoming one of the world’s most important green cities, where its wise government pays a remarkable attention to creating parks and increasing green areas. In addition to being attentive to the quality of the established park, ensuring their distinctiveness meeting the interests of all segments and categories of the society.

A Distinct interface of the emirate

His Highness said that the park was established in Al Raqayeb area which is characterized by the long-lasting Prosopis trees, Salvadora, Zizyphus Spina-christi, palms and natural trees. Meanwhile, as the supervisions of the project were keen on maintaining such valuable wealth, as the pathways were built according to the natural conditions of the area, which contained hills and sand dunes that varied in altitude. Explaining that the facilities in the park combine simplicity, beauty, heritage and urban design to preserve the original heritage of Ajman.

His Highness explained that the park will be a breathing space for families and visitors from within and outside the emirate to enjoy healthy clean atmosphere in a park that provides all social and recreational services for everybody as well as attracting families that will accompany their children to recognize the genuine legacies and authentic heritage to deep root the Emirati identity and teaching them customs and traditions and legacy.

His Highness continues, “our forgiven father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahian had implanted genuine heritage appreciation in us, since he devoted remarkable attention to preserve the deserted trees as an integral part of our heritage, assuring in many occasions that “preserving the environment is not nascent, as it is a genuine and deep rooted concern, which we encouraged, practiced and applied, even years before the world started paying it its attention”.

Affirming that it’s our duty today to follow our father’s establishing approach, Sheikh Zayed , may he rest in peace, while keeping all the heritage and natural legacies aspects  as well as maintain the authentic traditions and customs, and this the reason we decided to establisg Al-Raqayeb forest park that is considered a heritage park, which contains natural deserted trees and all aspects of heritage and legacy in one place.

A heritage project that provides integrated services

For his part, Mr. Marwan Obaid Al Muhairi has presented a detailed explanation on Al-Raqayeb forest park project and its work progress stages, stating that the 1 million ft. park is characterized by providing comprehensive services to the visitors from within and outside the emirate as well as tourists from all over the world, where it will focus on the heritage side in addition to containing recreational facilities, service spaces, restaurants and comforting family areas for families.

Al-Muhairi said that the supervisors of the project are trained and highly qualified cadres in the Department and all the labor force continue the work, which is well under way to accomplish the project as soon as possible. The work is currently in full swing to complete all the remaining works for the official opening of the heritage park.


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